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Premiere: FlagChase Spawning

Blue get special help to Stop Flag Carriers – but will it make a difference? . . . → Read More

Blender 2.8 (draft)

NOTE: Nodes (where you edit textures) are now found under “shader editor”, NOT “texture node editor”. (wasted 15 mins on that one)


Latest mdl exporter.


Inter-Quake Model format development kit


Q: Surely theres an easy way to convert the 2.79 blend files (done w blender renderer) to use the old . . . → Read More

How to do skingroups w Blender->mdl


[OMC: this is GOLD, and it MUST be archived!!]

by Aleksander Marhall


Before You start, I recommend You to import some existing MDL file first. This way You’ll understand skin/material concept better

Every skingroup is represented as one material on a mesh. You can have multiple skingroups and each skingroup can have multiple skins inside.

In most cases, . . . → Read More