Premiere: FlagChase Spawning

First of all, this weeks Drive & Chat

0:00 Intro
2:30 Intro
2:55 Standing on Heads Bug
5:53 Turret Update
8:30 The Longest AGR Session Ever
13:20 Axe throwing Bug
14:45 Winter in Melbourne
15:10 Race Riots

This idea wasn’t discussed in the Chat – its THAT NEW!! Well, this idea started out as a bug, players spawning in the same spot they died, stuck in the ground! Ok I fixed the stuck in the ground bit, but then it hit me, a Blue chasing a Flagholder (newbies: ie a red flagholder because Blue is Defense only in AGR] might actually *prefer* to respawn where he died. Closer to the action, closer to the position of th flag, closer to the possibility of stopping the flag carrier and saving the flag! Ok so I enabled this last Saturday’s (Experimental AGR) Session, and it went suprisingly well! Is it ready for inclusion in the Weekly AGR Sessions? Why not! So far it hasn’t made a HUGE difference to Reds ability to cap, so.. we’ll see.

Good news: The Throwable Axes went well!

Bad News: But there was a fatal bug (ie server CRASH), so they were disabled.

Good News: The bug has been fixed! And the bug didnt have anything to do with the throwable axes.

Bad News: There’s still this weird bug where ppl throwing axes occasionally end up holding a snipers rifle

Good News: Very occasionally.

So, lets renable them, and .. see what happens!

Note to self: When you axe a player in the head, you really should SEE the AXE …IN THEIR HEAD!!

Some people complained, but.. others liked it.. I think iot was VERY interesting, and of course, when more players join, the walls open up! It means the tunnel and shower become more important.

OMCs TIP: If some enemy sniper is loitering in Blues yard, you can (mostly) avoid him by using the tunnel, under the yard!

That’s it for today, see you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: People who like penetrating the mysteries of TF.

Why: Because if you’re good, you get to come inside Blues Flag room.

MAP SCHEDULE: engw2 (didnt get to do it last week),  z7

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