The week before Rock2ober (2014)

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The week before Rock2ober OMC has a special message for the ‘occasional players’. . . . → Read More

Rock2ober 2014


Rock2ober 2014 . . . → Read More

Retro Skin Trial

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Is the current need to download agrv4.pk3 before players can play a ‘barrier to entry’? Is it affecting the number of new players? OMC decides to find out. . . . → Read More

Full Armour & Ammo for All!


The ‘Full Armour’ Option has been removed, all players respawn with full armour and Ammo every time. . . . → Read More

Barriers to Entry (Surviving in the Quake World 2)


OneManClan analyses the barriers of entry for new and prospective AGR players . . . → Read More

Memorial Day Madness


For the first time ever, we play AGR on a Monday! . . . → Read More

Surviving in the Quake World


OneManClan responds to the critics . . . → Read More



… at the end of the day, if people want two shorter Sessions a week, than one big one, then that’s how it shall be. . . . → Read More

Goodbye ‘Mauser’, hello ‘Syringe’


…the Mauser officially being reborn as a Syringe.. . . . → Read More

Mid March Minutes


(for a trial period) I’ve switched the TeamDamage settings so that Spamadellica (No team damage + no mirror damage) is the norm, and the last Sunday of the month will be played with AGR’s ‘Dynamic Mirror Damage’ setting. . . . → Read More