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skyboxes for dummies (draft)

Note: If you name your shader ‘the name of the default sky’ it will be on ALL sky1 (ir whtever its called) maps


“A skybox is loaded using either the “loadsky” console command”Jul 26 02:16:50

<OneManClan2> ( 26 02:17:12

<OneManClan2> …’loadsky’ (at the FTE console didnt do anything)Jul 26 02:18:39

<OneManClan2> ah ezquakwe . . . → Read More

how to make in-game monitors 2019


1. make a monitor_screen.jpg texture (which is the size of the screen in the brush) MUST BE POWERS OF 16!

2. Put a white pixel in the top left (0,0), and bottom right (1,1) of the image


3. make the ‘tv’ brush, and give it the `monitor_screen.jpg texture.

4. make the . . . → Read More

AGR – 2019!

2019 – and OMC’s back with THREE vids! . . . → Read More