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How to do skingroups w Blender->mdl

[OMC: this is GOLD, and it MUST be archived!!]

by Aleksander Marhall


Before You start, I recommend You to import some existing MDL file first. This way You’ll understand skin/material concept better

Every skingroup is represented as one material on a mesh. You can have multiple skingroups and each skingroup can have multiple skins inside.

In most cases, models will have one skingroup with one skin (which becomes a single skin setup). Image below shows a mesh with three skingroups:


  • Open Shader Editor to see texture nodes:


  • Most MDLs will have simple skin setup like this (image below). One material with one texture:


  • Skingroups with multiple skins will look like this.:


You can see, that not all textures are connected to shader. They don’t have to (…actually they can’t be connected all at once…).

Skins are ordered by vertical position in a graph. It’s important to keep them ordered like this (image above), otherwise you’ll end up with a wrong sequence of skins in your skingroup animation.

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