‘Penalty for Customising’ mode?

Hi all!

As explained in the vid, this is just an idea to try. I haven’t even got a name for it, so ‘penalty when customising’ is the working title (let me know if you have any suggestions). Anyway, as explained in the vid:

  1. No stock classes
  2. You start with $11000 (as normal) to customise
  3. Everytime you recustom, you have $1000 less to spend.. all the way down to a minimal of $1000
  4. If you reconnect (depending on how long the game has gone for), you get less money. This is because:
  5. The later in the game you arrive, the less $ you get to spend,

Good news: if you pick well, you force the other person to recustomise, and they have less $ to spend. If you arrive early you get the full $11000 to spend.

Bad news: if you get disconnected (for some reason) you (depending on how long the game has been going) get less $ to spend. Players who arrive late get less $ to spend.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea whether this idea A: rocks, or B: sucks, so.. let’s try it later today, for ONE GAME ONLY, and YOU can tell ME!

It was a little fidly to program, because it had to deal with what else the player had bought in the menu, but I sat down last night, and I think I did it. Heavy Red armour is er.. DENSE, so by definition it has more MASS, therefore you should be harder to move/push around when wearing it – yea?

Well.. this is still too much fun to give away… but I realise in the heat of the action people have missed a very special and fun addition to the behaviour of monsters. So tempting to just give it away.. but I won’t.

These have never been ‘value for money’. Expensive, too slow to  reload, and suprisingly weak. I’ve increased their power, so… if you’ve not bothered buying them for a while.. give them another go, you might be pleasantly surprised!

To be honest, I’m still not sure how to organise this website. I used to ask ppl to leave comments ‘below’.. but those comments end up lost.. stuck underneath (eventually) ancient posts, and noone can react/respond.. So the AGR Forum is more the place to get a discussion going.. so should I bother with comments on these pages? Also, should I put the entire content of posts like this in the emails I send to the AGR Mailing List? Usually I send the link to this page, mainly because I HATE the idea of hitting ‘send’ and then realising something I said was incorrect. It’s only happened a few times but  I like the idea of being able to fix errors, or fix something that was sloppily phrased. On the other hand… I assume a certain % of ppl  (especially new players) might not click on the link .. I dunno.. maybe it comes across spammy, (or scammy!).. Anyway your thoughts welcome!

That’s it for today, see you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Sessions

Where: tastyspleen.net:26666

When: Every Saturday & Sunday 6pm EST/23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You

Why: Why not?

MAP SCHEDULE: Sewer1j (Jonan mod), and (pending player numbers) 2brave1.

REMINDER: Check out the Big Game Maker!!

1 comment to ‘Penalty for Customising’ mode?

  • deimus

    OMC, I think is a terrible nonsense idea and as matter of fact while you have this “custom penalty for custom” I’ll not play anymore there however i can show in the server to observe but never to play.
    Good look OMC with you new stupid toy.

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