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Weekly AGR Session: 1 May 2011

Last week was a true explosion of TF intensity, with some of the most amazing action seen in ages including an edge-of-your-seat first half of the dreaded dune1.. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 24th April 2011

Calling all TFers!

My heart is already pumping at the thought of what will go down this Sunday at 22:00 GMT. It’s the last Sunday of the Month, and that means 1 thing – Spamadelica! Team Damage and Mirror Damage = OFF. The gibs will fly, the intensity will be incredible, and the sheer . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 17 April 2011

…..the call goes out… to prepare… to wipe your monitors… and clean your mouses … so you give your all .. at that Atrium of Anarchy . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: April 10th 2011

the server is already starting to bristle and hum in anticipation for what will surely be a clash of TF Titans – at the last remaining Bastion of Brutality . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: April 3rd 2011

Another week, another day, another moment, and another selection of 4 maps designed to terrify, excite, frustrate, and inspire.. . . . → Read More