FAQ for absolute beginners

Hello. How are you? That’s good. I’m very well thank you. Now before we get started, have you got mummy and daddy’s permission to use the computer? If not, you are very, very naughty. But that’s ok, this game is a place where all the naughty people go. Now, I know that if you are reading this it means you have a computer. Not only that, but you know how to turn it on, and what’s more, you can READ! This is very good indeed. It means you are very very qualified to install this magnificent game on your computer, and follow the instructions below. Ready? Good, so let’s begin:


1. What is AGR – “Attackers Go Red”?

It’s a computer game. If you like games, and you have a computer you will like it. The game is a ‘multi-player’, team based game. This means you cannot play this by yourself, you need to be on the internet. The game involves two teams Red and Blue fight each other. Red’s job is to capture Blues Flag. Blue’s job is to prevent Red capturing their flag.

2. Ok, but can you stop being so condescending please?

Wow, that is a big word! I’m so proud of you!

3. Seriously dude, stop kidding around and give me the info!

Ok, ok. Let’s proceed.

4. How do I install the game on my computer?

Follow the instructions here.

 5. Ok, it’s installed, now what?

Well, if you’re not already on the AGR Mailing List, you should register. Follow the instructions on this page. Then relax, get some sleep, and get ready for the big game every Saturday and Sunday at 23:00 GMT. Of course, I’m talking about the Weekly AGR Session which has its own FAQ, appropriately called the Weekly AGR Session FAQ.

6. How do I actually play though?

In a nutshell, Reds capture flags, and Blue stops red capturing flags. Blue scores every 5 minutes that Red *doesn’t*.  Ok, ok, i need an introductory video on it, meanwhile just join in and ask stupid questions. eg “who is the guy w the halo pushing me around?”, “Am I actually throwing up?”,  “Are those beasts friendly?” and “Why am I suddenly hearing psychedelic music, and everyone is wearing bra and panties?”

7. AGR seems really complex, is it?

Well, the original version of this FAQ answered this question with a “yes”, but I’m not so sure now … complex compared to what? If you’ve played any form of multiplayer team-oriented FPS before, you will get the rough idea, although you will come across weapons, abilities and ‘experiences’ which don’t exist in any other game.  Although the gameplay is completely different, many CustomTF weapons and abilities still apply to AGR and all the different stuff will make sense once you start playing. In any case, the game gives you the option to pick well known TF classes and start having fun immediately.

 8. Wtf dude, I’m getting my arse kicked, this is very frustrating!

Well people have been playing Quakeworld TF for years, it is a very VERY deep game, and these people have developed great physical/reflex skills, as well as psychological knowledge to be able to predict what the enemy is doing, and thinking, so the bad news is that yes, you will be getting your arse handed to you much of the time. The GOOD news is that it is a team based game, so many of these ‘Stars’ will also be on your team, so you’re not on your own, besides, with so much chaos, beginners often get a chance to kill a Guru. If you want to watch the Gurus in action, check out the ‘Rock2ober 2014 Part 1‘, and ‘Rock2ober 2014  Part 2‘.

9. What about these extra commands? How do I access them?

Ok there are many commands you can use during the game, and these are not available on the ‘options’ menu. To use these commands, you need to ‘bind’ them to certain keys. To do this you need to access the console by typing tilde (~) . Now you can type in ‘bind <key> <command’. For example, to throw a grenade you need to:

1. Decide which button you want to press to throw the grenade, let’s say you choose ‘q’

2. To to the console (press ‘~’)

3. At the console, ‘bind’ the key ‘q’ to the ‘+gren1’ command by typing: ‘bind q +gren1’.

Now whenever you press ‘q’, you will throw a grenade.

Here’s a few commands you will need, if you have bought the relevant items:

build If you have things to build, this brings up the build menu
+detn Drop a detonation device, which will explode in n seconds(eg +det5)
disguise Brings up the Spy disguise menu
+gren1    Throw Grenade type 1
+gren2    Throw Grenade type 2
skill     Use your skill (see the customtf info at the link above)
special What ‘special’ does, depends on what skill or items you have bought
throwdet Throw your tossable C4 (detonation device)
messagemode2  Talk to teammates



[UPDATE Dec 2014: Here’s a guide to CustomTF, the mod AGR is based on, posted by tuco (I *think* authored by Shaka) . It’s at the link above, but is so brilliant, I’m storing it here for convenience, AND as a backup – because websites can DIE! Stuff different to AGR has been crossed out, but left in for future historians]

–Only three new commands. The “Custom” command will let you rebuild your custom class
the next time you die. If the optional bounty system is on, the “Upgrade” command will
sell off up to 50 frags and drop you back into custom class generation the next time
you die. “Skill” uses your professional skill (see below).

–Only six files to download. Unlike most mods, CustomTF makes heavy reuse of
files that people already have on their hard drives, thus eliminating the lengthy
downloads it takes to play on most servers.

–Completely removed classes from TeamFortress! The custom class can do
anything, from healing infections to uncovering spies. For example, if you have a
sentry, the sentry’s health will appear on the status bar, just like for an
engineer in standard TF.

–The rocket launcher can have various upgrades purchased for it. First and foremost
is the laser guided rocket upgrade, which turns the quake rocket launcher into one
similar to Half-Life’s. Secondly, a cluster-rocket upgrade can be bought that turns
the quake rocket launcher into one out of the best Japanese anime movies. A swarm of
less-powerful rockets are launched that move in a loose cloud either towards a laser dot
(if you have it purchased) or just straight ahead. Notice that when they are launched, they
drift slowly outwards for half a second before engaging their engines and flying ahead.
The effect is rather fun to watch.

–Can upgrade sentries into turrets. At any point, an engineer can spend 80 metal
to launch his sentry into the air. The base disappears, the head flips upside down
and floats up to the ceiling, where it sticks. (If it hits the sky, it flies away)
Turrets are partially immune to blasts, since they are buried into the concrete
of the ceiling, instead of free-standing like normal sentries. They are immune to
EMP for the same reason. They have a 360 degree firing arc. However, a turret is
hard to maintain, requiring either a low ceiling or an engineer with a grappling hook.

–Can build tesla sentryguns. They are very customizable weapons that allow an engineer
to individually upgrade their gun to their own tastes. The gun can get a total of 6
upgrades, which must be split amongst health, range, damage (each of which can be
upgraded 3 times) as well as improving its lock-on time for firing (costing 1 upgrade)
turning it into a turret (costing 2 upgrades) or giving it a spy detector (which costs
4). Thus, an engineer could build a gun with large range, high damage and low health —
for guarding a bridge perhaps. Or he could build a gun with a spy detector, short range,
low damage and moderate health for guarding entrances where spies have been coming in.
Or for dealing with enemies in a small room, he could build a gun with short range,
high damage, medium health and a fast lock on time. The tesla can be customized to whatever
need the engineer has, unlike the sentrygun which is the same no matter where it is put.

–Normal (i.e., non-turret) sentries have gained a point-defense system. Any enemy
(besides spies) touching a sentry is hit by a 400-point electrical shock. The Bug
Zapper, as it is known, prevents scouts from just running by a sentry before it
locks on. Thus, it is often better not to turretize a sentry when it is blocking
a doorway or the like.

–Three new grenades:
—-1) The frag grenade. Launches shrapnel out – like a real grenade does – that
richochets against walls and inflicts grievous harm on anyone it touches.
—-2) The krac grenade. A grenade made of a soft material that detonates on
impact, releasing a shockwave that breaks down any metallic objects within a
small radius. The perfect sentrygun/hwguy killer.
—-3) The flame grenade. Replacing the napalm grenade with a less-spammy
version. When the flame grenade explodes, it does a large amount of damage and
sets everyone near it on fire. It goes through walls, and damage is not decreased
by distance.
—-The spy’s hallucinagenic grenade has been tweaked. The duration of the
effect is dependant on how long you breathe the fumes. The effects are more
scary now, too. Also, the gas paralyzes your lungs, so you will start suffocating
and take extra damage if you get heavily exposed. Don’t go swimming after breathing
the gas, either. (Tranquilizers cause this same effect)
—-The flash grenade has been modified to annoy GL users, too.

–Scuba Commando. If you read the readme that came with the first version of
TeamFortress (which came out in August 1996), it had five classes with COMING
SOON! the scuba commando and the barbarian. The barbarian was scrapped because
it didn’t fit in the quasi-militaristic theme of TeamFortress. The Scuba
Commando was scrapped because he was too map dependant: on maps with lots of
water, he’d rule. On dry maps, he’d suck. As a way of saying thanks to the guys
at TeamFortress Software, this CustomTF patch implements the Scuba Commando. 🙂
He can breathe indefinately underwater, is immune to the spy’s gas grenade,
moves faster underwater and slower on the surface. He can fire the sniper rifle
or assault cannon while treading water, and completely ignores jello water.

–Hover Boots. Hold down jump while in the air and you will hover. Useful for
crossing ravines while the bridge is out, or for confusing enemies in combat.
There is a limited amount of fuel that recharges slowly over time. It’s recommended
that you use only a little bit of the fuel at a time so that you don’t find
yourself on empty when you need it the most. The boot exhaust acts like a
flamethrower, but it is rather hard to kill somebody with it since it comes
straight down out of your feet.

–Improved grapple hook. The old favorite with a new twist — if you hold down
jump while grappling, the hook will pull you horizontally but not vertically.
This allows you to vault over ramparts by waiting till the end of the grapple
to gain your vertical momentum.


To add a little bit of the class aspect of TF back in, I implemented a skills
menu. You may have only one job at a time. If you want another one, you have
to drop back into custom class generation and make another.

You trigger the ability of your chosen profession by hitting “skill” (impulse 200)
“Skill” does one of the following:

–THIEF (Hide In Shadows): For a thief, being sneaky is the primary joy of life.
They’re the only class that can turn themselves invisible. A thief can walk into a base,
ignore the unattended sentries, pick up the flag and walk it back to his base. If he
can escape notice, he can cap without any fighting at all. The first time they hit
“skill” they partially hide themselves — their bodies disappear, and all you can
see are the eyes. When partially hidden, they can move only at a slow, stealthy, walk.

After a few seconds of being partially hidden, a theif can hit “skill” again. At this
point, if the thief is moving, he leaves the shadows and can once again move about freely.

If the thief has instead come to a stop when hitting skill a second time, he becomes Fully
Invisible — i.e. no trace remains that the thief is present. He can only be detected by
scanners or random weapons fire. He cannot move or attack, but he can remain fully hidden
for as long as he wishes too. Thus we recommend that at least one defender carry a scanner
to nose out thieves lurking in various nooks and crannies of the base.

Sentries do not lock onto thieves that are eyes invisible or fully hidden!
Teslas will still lock on if they have a spy detector.
Carrying the flag does NOT reveal a thief, as it does with a spy.

Downside: If a thief gets caught trying to hide and gets shot while either fully or
partially invisible, he becomes stunned. He cannot attempt to hide again for at least
15 seconds, and he cannot shoot his weapon for at least 6. In other words, if observant
guards detect the thief trying to sneak in, he’s going to be feeling the pain for a little

Synopsis: Great base-infiltration profession. Also useful for people who like to fight using
cleverness and trickery instead of just trying to buy the biggest weapons with the heaviest
armor. Just don’t get caught.

–RUNNER (Sprint): Have you ever been chasing a scout who is running out with your flag,
and wished that you could get a little boost of speed so that you could catch him? Or
perhaps you were a flag running soldier, who wished that he could gain enough momentum
to get away from all the pyros chasing him. Well, thats what the runner does. This profession
is populated with people who realize that being able to let loose with bursts of speed
is a major tactical advantage. The mechanics work like so:

1) After a second delay (long enough to take a quick breath), the sprinter starts running
at +200 speed (a $4000 value, ladies and gentlemen!). This lasts for 5 seconds.
2) After the sprint, the runner is tired, and needs to rest a little. His speed drops to
2/3rd his normal maximum while he catches his breath. (Note: In older versions, the penalty
was 1/2 speed instead) The recovery phase lasts for 5 seconds.
3) After the runner has recovered somewhat, he is still not ready to sprint again. There is
another delay of 5 seconds before the runner can begin sprinting again.

Synopsis: Highly undervalued profession that comes in handy a lot more often than one
would realize. The penalty resting period keeps one from just sprinting all the time,
since it would be a Bad Thing to enter the enemy’s base right when hitting the recovery

–WARLOCK (Summon Demon): These guys are evil, the natural enemies of the chaplans. All
they do is run around summoning AIs to come fight for them. These AIs look suspiciously
like the fiends in Quake1, but are really just ro-bots programmed to behave like
the monsters. Unlike the fiends in Quake1, the robotic CustomTF demons run twice as fast,
have a thousand hit points, have much better AI code, have a greatly extended melee attack
range and do between 2x and 4x damage in combat. Yes: they are that nasty. (Do a setinfo d
“name” to change the name of your demon)

Fortunately, warlocks can’t just summon them from nowhere. They have to get blood on their
ceremonial knives in order to have a demon appear when they hit skill. The blood has to come
from an enemy (no blood donations from friends). If you try to hit skill without having
blood on your knife, you are gently reminded of the fact by driving the knife into your
own heart (200 armor-piercing damage). Once you have blood on your knife, hold it in front
of you and hit skill. Your screen will spin for a few seconds, then a brand new demon
will fly out of the knife in front of you. If there isn’t enough room for him, or if he’s
in a petulant mood, he’ll just return where he came from.

If you do summon him successfully, the demon will softly drop to the ground, and sit there,
dazed, for 2 seconds. We heartily recommend that the summoner leave the demons field of
view during these two seconds, as the first person that the demon sees, the demon will
attack (excluding teammates). But yes, it will attack its owner. If it does kill you, you
lose an additional frag and the demon goes away. So the basic tactic for warlocks is to
summon a demon into a room crowded with enemies, then to run like hell away from there as
it goes around mauling people. Some other uses include protecting a flag carrier (summon it
while running the flag to give the defense something extra to think about), or on flag
defense: on maps like Bam4, summon it into the flag room and let it sit there, waiting
for enemy runner to enter. Unlike sentries, demons can handle enemies around corners.

Synopsis: The warlock is great for causing panic in enemy troops. Even though the warlock
seems like an intelligent form of spamming, it takes skill to do well as a warlock. I.e.,
its tough to get the demon to munch on your enemies instead of yourself. It is also tough
to get blood for your knife, unless you buy so much health that you can stab yourself
through the heart without flinching. Smart warlocks play with either fast legs so they
can chase down their enemies for a quick stab, or buy the spy kit so that they can get
close without taking some rocket hits for their troubles.

–COMBAT CHAPLAIN (Inspires Teammates): The chaplain is the antithesis of the warlock. Where the
warlock is pure evil and is trying to bring chaos to the game, the chaplain us good and
encourages teamplay. When the chaplan hits “skill” he puts away his weapons and begins to
preach. When he hits “skill” again, he slowly stops speaking and eventually pulls his weapons
back out.

-Chaplans get .5 frags for every frag a teammate near them inflicts!

When preaching the following effects occur:
1) The chaplain begins to glow with a bright light
2) All demons within the light take 500 damage every three seconds
3) All teammates near the chaplain deal +50% damage
4) All teammates near the chaplain take only 66% of normal damage
5) All teammates near the chaplain become fully invisible
6) Opera music plays (Orff’s Carmina Burana)
7) If the chaplain has the automedic, he heals all teammates 50 life within the
glow once every three seconds.

If the teammates leave the radius, they receive a message that they have “Strayed from the
flock” and lose all of the above abilities (except they might still be able to hear the

Defenders don’t know what terror is until they are attacked by a horde of invisible heavy
weapons guys. If your team is getting shut down by enemy sniperfire, get a chaplan to
organize “bridge-crossing tours” — i.e. he’ll walk his team across the bridge and keep them
safe from sniperfire as long as he’s alive.

Disadvantage: He’s a big, glowing target that can’t use any primary or secondary weapons
while glowing. If he’s sheparding friendlies across the bridge, enemy snipers will only
have one, brightly glowing, target to shoot at. Basically, a good policy for defense is,
“Kill that annoying glowing guy”

Synopsis: Not for people who want to lead on the scoreboard. A wonderful team-builder.
Chaplan-lead attack teams are incredibly powerful and are exceptionally versatile.
Chaplans on defense can keep their teams fully healed (if they buy the automedic), and
can be a big headache to attackers, when they can’t see exactly where the defensive
fire is coming from. Remember, though they cannot fire primary or secondary weapons,
they can still use the hover boots and automedic as a weapon, and can throw grenades.

–MARTYR (Blaze of Glory) This class is also not for players who want to lead on the
scoreboard, but wish to do well for their teams. When the martyr hits “skill”, he glows
brightly, becomes invincible, and dies after 4 seconds. He loses a frag every time he
triggers this ability, unless enemy troops shoot him while he’s dying.

There are two situations where this is very useful. The most common one is to break
through hard points on the enemy’s defensive lines. A good example would be a flag room that
has four or five turrets in it, and as many defenders. It becomes very difficult to move the
flag, because even if one was a spy he would get cut down by the turrets before he took
more than a few steps. Martyrs on the other hand can merely ignore all the turret fire
and walk out leisurely with the flag. This forces base defenses to actually have “depth”
instead of just trying to make one chokepoint impassible.

The other useful situation is to drop detpacks while under heavy enemy fire. This can be
used to destroy guarded map triggers, or to simply blow up all land mines in the enemy

Synopsis: Martyrs sacrifice their lives (and their scores) for the cause. They are highly
effective tools at breaking down enemy defenses; teams that have martyrs on them will cap
much more often.

–GUERILLA (Place land mines): The guerilla is similar to the thief in that his primary
mission is to be as sneaky and devious as possible. The guerilla’s job is to place traps
for enemy soldiers in the most suprising and effective positions possible. Guerillas can
place one land mine once every ten seconds. A mine costs 1 rocket, activates after three
seconds, and lasts for a maximum of 60 seconds after activation. A low hum can be heard
while the mine actives.

Mines do the following:
1) Every second they wake up and scan their area to see if any enemies are in line of
sight. For fairness sake, the owner of the mine is counted as an enemy: otherwise he could
dance in his own minefields and taunt the enemies to come in.
2) If an enemy is within a fair distance (about that of a grenade’s explosion radius), the
land mine explodes.
3) Every time a weapon shot hits near a mine, the mine is likely to explode due to the
effect the impact shockwave has on the mine’s rather unstable nitroglycerine core. Detpacks,
due to the tremendous shockwaves they send out, can clear entire bases of mines.
4) When a mine explodes, it will do 200 radius damage. If the mine blew up before it had
time to activate, or because it had grown old, it only does 80 radius damage.
5) Every three seconds, they make a little beeping sound.

A great place to put mines is on the walls next to the inside of doors. Enemies will walk
through the doors, often not noticing the beeping sounds eminating from within, and will
be blown into many small pieces by the simultanious explosion of the entire minefield. Wise
enemies learn to listen to where the beeps are coming from and send a rocket blast or two
into that direction.

Synopsis: Wonderfully sneaky class — there’s no better way of making an enemy paranoid than
attaching mines to ceilings or steps. When playing as a guerilla, all sorts of unimportant
details on a map suddenly become fascinating. “Hmm,” you ponder, “I wonder if its possible
to stick a mine on the back side of that stalagtite.”

–JUDOKA (Disarm enemy): Using Judo, the same system of martial arts that Kano developed in
1890, the battlefield Judokas are masters at hand-to-hand combat: actually capable of
ripping weapons out of enemies’ hands and using them as their own. Judokas are trained in the
art of landing safely. They don’t take falling damage at all; they don’t even grunt.

When a judoka hits “skill” the following happens:
1) If there is no one directly in front of him, he misses
2) If there is a friend in front of him, he misses
3) If an enemy is in front of him, and the judoka needs his weapon, he forcibly takes the
weapon, dealing 65 damage in the process. The enemy is stunned and cannot attack for 2 secs.
4) If an enemy is in front of him and the judoka already has the weapon the enemy is wielding,
or the enemy is wielding an axe, the judoka knocks the weapon out of the enemy’s hands and
throws him with ippon seoinage, dealing 100 damage and stunning the enemy for 6 seconds.
5) If the enemy is a judoka that just stole a weapon from us, we go all out and throw him
for 150 points of damage.

When a weapon is stolen, the judoka can use it until time runs out. If the owner
or the judoka die, the weapons are restored to their original owners.

Note that just because you steal a weapon doesn’t automatically give you enough ammo to
fire the weapon. Forward-thinking judokas should purchase ammo backpacks so they can hold
enough ammo to fire any weapon they happen to come across. And like most of the other
professions, judokas benefit from higher movement rates and owning The Spy Kit.

Synopsis: For those of us who get warm fuzzies from stealing a medic’s medikit, healing
ourselves of the disease and then proceeding to infect the medic with it. Whack! Arrrgh!
Whack! Arrrgh! Or, the judoka is for those of us who love to run up on hwguys from behind,
rip the assault cannon out of their hands and proceed to hose them down with their own gun.



–Laser guided rockets. If you’ve played half-life, you will understand how this
option works. By buying a laser guided add-on for your Rocket Launcher, you can hold
down fire when shooting to make a sniper dot appear that the rocket will track in on.
If you fire the rocket launcher without holding down fire, it will behave like a normal

–Cluster Rockets. The most expensive weapon in the game, it’s perfect for soldiers
who feel that their rocket launcher just doesn’t do enough damage… instead of the RL
firing one rocket every second with a five second delay after four shots, the Cluster RL
launches six rockets at a time with a four second reload delay after every shot. The
rockets fly in an anime-like swarm towards their target. Buying the laser sight is highly
recommended for greater accuracy. If you release the laser sight in the middle of flight
they will fly towards the last known spot. If you target a person with the dot, they will
surround the spot the person was on when the dot was released.

–Teleporters. Engineers can build pairs of teleporters for their teammates to use as a quick
transit system. Enemies can not ride them. Each teleporter has a maximum cell capacity of 200,
20 of which get consumed every time someone teleports in OR out through it. A wise engineer
will ride the teleporter occasionally to keep both ends full of cells.

–Camera. Engineers can build cameras to warn them of enemies approaching. Each camera has 800
health, with heavy blast/kevlar armor on — they are very hard to kill so that invaders don’t
simply shoot them before walking into a room. Whenever they see an enemy within their line of
sight, they beep send a message to their owner that an enemy is nearby, along with what class the
enemy appears to be. They do not detect spies.

–Auto-id. Every half second, it will issue the id command for you, so you just have
to look at someone and it ids them. This is on by default in TFC, so its an option here.
You can always make your own auto-id script but it more convenient to have the
server do it for you. Robin@valvesoftware.com once wrote “I shudder when I think about 100 id
commands being done a second” but it really doesn’t seem to be that bad.

–Auto-medic. Medics just have to glance at someone at close range and it will hit them
with a medikit shot. This makes healing a much quicker affair than when you have to
switch weapons, whack someone with an axe, and switch back. This will be the healing
style of TF2 so it has been implemented here. If you have the chaplain upgrade, you can
become the super team helper with an automedic. You will heal all teammates in your glow
every 3 seconds. So if you have spotted a friendly on a balcony that you can’t reach,
click on the chaplan upgrade and you can heal him from down below. Your friends will love
you. Must have the medikit to buy.

–Autoscanner. Every second it fires a scan30 off. This allows you freedom to run around
without having to worry about hitting scan30 all the time. This was implemented in TF2.9
but removed in TFC. (Whats the deal with that?) So I implemented it here.

–Tesla Sentry. This is an alternate sentrygun for one to buy. By default, it is a weak
peice of metal that can be destroyed by a single rocket shot. The gun’s strength
lies in its ability to be upgraded with four different levels in 6 different categories:
—Voltage: Ranges from 0-3. The higher the voltage, the greater its targetting range
—Amperage: Ranges from 0-3. The higher the amperage, the greater the damage.
—Power Supply: Ranges from 0-3. Larger power supply yields more health and max ammo.
—Spy Detector: Either on or off. When upgraded with this, the Tesla will target spies.
—Improved Targetter: On or off. The new targetter will target enemy mines, demons and buildings
—TeslaTurret: Launches the Tesla into the air, which flips over and attaches itself to the cieling, ready to launch death and destruction down on the hapless mortals below.
—Kevlar Armor, Blast Armor: Give additional protection vs certain attacks
—Stealth: Tesla is invisible except while charging and attacking
—Upgrade from frags: Every few frags it gets, it receives a free upgrade. If you get
50 frags with it, it notifies everyone on the server that you are the tesla master.
Normal Teslas get 4 normal upgrades and 1 misc upgrade
Super Teslas get 6 normal upgrades and 2 misc upgrades
Voltage,Amperage,Power Supply, Upgrade from Frags and Detector cost normal upgrades
Turret, Targetter, Special Armor and Stealth cost misc. upgrades
—You can “tinker” with the tesla which will have a random effect on it:
(Each attempt costs 100 cells)
10% Tesla Blows Up
10% Turns On Owner
20% Nothing
10% Free Scanner
5% Free Spy Detector
25% Free Upgrade
10% Extra Health
10% Extra Cells
The more you tinker, the more likely something bad will happen.


–The building sentrygun option allows you to make a sentrygun, but unless you
buy the spanner as well, you cannot upgrade it or put more ammo in. (To
compensate for this, the basic sentrygun starts off with extra shells)

–Kevlar armor halves damage and caps damage from body and head shots at 100.
Smart snpers will shoot for legs, which do 60% damage and aren’t capped.

–Sentries get kevlar armor by default, but they don’t have their damage capped at
100 as people do. Teslas can have kevlar added to them, but their damage isn’t capped

–Your skin is chosen based on what the server thinks is your defining purchase.
So people that have bought a sniper rifle will look like a sniper, and people
that have fast legs will tend to look like a scout. If a person has more than
one primary characteristic, the server will pick a skin based on a fixed

–The special key in normal TF had six different uses. For example, the scout’s
‘special’ used the scanner, whereas the soldier’s would reload the rocket
launcher. If you have bought more than one option that uses special, you might
have to bind keys. For example, if you buy both a spy kit and a scanner, the
special command will bring up the spy’s menu. You will have to bind a key for
“scan30” to use the scanner. If you have both engineer and spy upgrades, hitting
special will toggle between the ‘build’ and ‘disguise’ menus.

–Buying the scanner allows you to disarm detpacks

–Krac grenades blow up pipepbombs, disarm detpacks and will even stop someone from setting
a detpack, if you hit them with a grenade when they are in the act

–Buying “Aspect of HWGUY” prevents you from getting knocked around by
explosions. Very useful for snipers.

–This is a modified version of TeamFortress 2.5. Thus, there will be features
missing that TeamFortress Software implemented after 2.5. Examples include
the motd and new scout grenades.


OLDER CUstomTF Manual 1.2

(Copied from here, and included here for historical and preservation reasons)

Custom Team Fortress is a modification of Team Fortress 2.5 by TFS (now Valve Software). In the original Team Fortress, there were 9 classes: scout, sniper, soldier, demoman, medic, hwguy, pyro, spy and engineer. CustomTF (or cutf) allows you to create your own class based on the items, weapons and attrubites of the 9 classes, plus additional features. Unlike most Quake I MODs, CustomTF makes heavy reuse of MDLs that people already have thus eliminating lengthly downloads. In CustomTF you make your own classes on the fly. Ever wanted to be an engineer that could also lay pipebomb traps, or a sniper that had a rocket launcher for a backup weapon? Or a scout with the ability to defend himself… with an assault cannon? You can do it here. CustomTF adds elements from roleplaying games, allowing you to inspire teammates with auras in combat, hide in shadows, summon demons and more – all with the balance of gameplay and teamwork heavily encouraged. A new kind of sentry exists: the Tesla Sentry….

-If a thief or spy uses an enemy dispenser, no message is displayed. -Remove “silence” and “no glow” hacks from sensor. -Add “sensor ghosts” hack to sensor. -The mod should recognises classes such as “cusstom soldier” rather than just “custom playerclass”. -If you krac someone else’s mines or pipes

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-If a thief or spy uses an enemy dispenser, no message is displayed.
-Remove “silence” and “no glow” hacks from sensor.
-Add “sensor ghosts” hack to sensor.
-The mod should recognises classes such as “cusstom soldier” rather than just “custom playerclass”.
-If you krac someone else’s mines or pipes tthen any teamkills go to you rather than the player owning the pipes/mines.
-Krac’d pipes do not cause mirror damage.
-Added “full team score” option like TF.
-The packs should now use a linked list so that theey are replaced first->last rather than in some random order.
-Caltrops have been modified to hit anyone eexcept the owner instantly. They will hit the owner after 1 second. (currently they hit anyone after 1 second, which can be too long in high speed pursuits)
-Airborne caltrops slow movement by a reduceed amount.
-Caltrops can be knocked by explosions. If tthey take 500 damage they disappear.
Thief (Footpad/Cutpurse/Ninja)
*Constitution: Constitution allows a thief to hold position and invisibility despite taking substantial amounts of damage.
*Knife work: Many thieves choose to specialise in the knife to upgrade their surprise attack abilities. This grants the thief increased skill with all melee weapons, and bonus damage with some.
*Silence: A skilled assassin can eliminate an enemy using the knife without alerting their comrades.
*Mechanics: Knowledge of the workings of sentryguns and tesla coils allows a thief to steal their ammo.
*Stealth: Most thieves learn to fall and leap silently to lengthen their careers and lifespans.
*Pickpocket: Every thief can steal to some degree. Pickpocket specialisation allows you to steal ammo much more quickly, and throw away what you can’t hold.
*Ninja: The grapple is a favoured weapon of some thieves. This skill increases the facility with which grapple may be used.
*Jogger: Can run for twice as long at only +120 speed boost, but can never stand still.
*Increased stamina: Grants a small boost to sprint time.
*Increased speed: Grants a small boost to running speed.
*Highjump: A runner with this skill can use their leg power to jump much higher than normal while sprinting.
*Gymnastics: Not all runners concentrate solely on sprinting. A little training can allow a runner to fly further through the air by utilising blasts.
*Adrenal Boost: Extremely determined runners can shrug off the effects of tranquilisation for a good sprint.
*Perseverence: Determined runners sometimes fail to feel the effects of injury until the immediate need is past.

Warlock (Initiate/Adept/Master)
-Summon Shambler: All warlocks can summon fiends. Summoning a shambler requires more persistance and practice.
-Summon Scrag: Some skilled warlocks can summon a scrag to patrol the skies while casting ‘mass heal’ when needed.
-Summon Fish: With practice, a warlock can summon a school of rotfish to do their bidding.
-Summon Grunt: A skilled warlock can summon a powerful mercenary to fight for them.
-Persuasion: Any warlock can summon a demon. It takes a special kind of charisma to get them not to kill you.
-Patience: With this ability, summoned creatures will not wander – they wait silently for prey enemy to come to them.
-Vampirism: Demons steal life with their
*Crusader (Priest/Cleric/Chaplain)
-Invisibility Aura: Allows the crusader to bless a teammate with 10 second invisibility.
-Aura of Light: Makes a player glow, much like they have a flag.
-Elemental Shield Aura: Creates a shield which invokes the power of the crusader, nullifying the element of sniper ammunition. Replaces haste aura.
-Harmony Aura: Makes the aura’d player at peace with their team, unable to harm teammates in any way with damage. Replaces resistance aura.
-Dispel Evil: Allows the crusader to dispel enemy demons for large amounts of damage.
-Demon Lore: Intense study allows the crusader to learn about demons’ weak points and thus do more damage with their attacks.
*Resurrect: A crusader may combine holy faith with advanced medical techniques to bring a former casualty back to fighting form. This only works before the fighter’s spirit departs to a new body.
-Cloaked mine: A mine that is invisible. However, it has an additional one second delay before it explodes after detecting a target. Otherwise, it’s identical to the standard mine.
-Booby trap: A crafty guerilla fighter can place traps on items. Any standard item (health pack, rocket, etc) that the guerilla walks over will be trapped and explode if picked up by an enemy player.
-Fragmentation mine: Simple tricks, like adding shards of metal to standard mines, allow guerilla fighters to make much more dangerous explosives.
-Stasis mine: A mine set up to trigger a temporal stasis device is sometimes used by the discerning guerilla.
-Spike trap: Guerillas can set a trap in the form of a small spike on the ground. This spike acts like a permanent caltrop and impairs the movement of anyone who steps on it. The spike may be destroyed by weapons fire much like a mine.
-Explosives safety: A guerilla with this skill has a smaller chance to set off a land mine, and takes reduced damage from mines.
*Element of disguise: Allows the guerilla to disguise detpacks as ammo packs.
Shock Trooper
*Impact Cushioning: Any blasts that hit both the shock trooper and the firer do reduced damage to the trooper and extra damage to the firer.
*Shielded Armour: All damage taken goes to armour. The shock trooper takes no damage to health until all armour is destroyed.
*Exploding Battlesuit: When damaged beyond repair, the shock trooper’s battlesuit explodes, dealing 300 damage to everything nearby.
*Lucky: Some soldiers survive more due to luck than anything. A little luck can always help out in a tight spot…
*TALON: Training allows a shock trooper to handle a grenade launcher modification, suitable for fitting onto any non-melee weapon. However, the grenade launcher’s bulk makes charging impractical while using it (replaces charge ability).
*EMP Burst: When the shock trooper charges, an EMP burst is released, disabling any nearby buildings and all mines within a large radius. In conjunction with Exploding Battlesuit, the shock trooper’s suit will produce a large EMP burst on destruction.
*Shock Field: An enhancement to the battlesuit causing damage when an enemy is touched. Due to power restrictions of the battlesuit, this is only activated when charging.
-Anatomy: Knowledge of various creatures’ anatomies allows a judoka to throw nonhumans.
*Tenacity: The more possessive judokas often learn to hold onto their weapons for longer.
*Enthusiasm: Especially enthusiastic judokas often forgo the chance of grabbing an opponent’s weapon in order to do more damage.
*Throwing: Specialisation in throwing enemies allows a judoka to launch the enemy further through the air.
*Counterattack: A judoka specialising in counterattack can strike back at their enemy when thrown or hit in melee.
*Ninja Drop: Advanced falling and tackling techniques enable a judoka to leap onto an enemy from the air, dealing great damage and stunning the enemy for a duration.
*Scaling: Fighters may learn skills in scaling walls that allow them to hang from and climb up surfaces.

END OF OLDER CUstomTF Manual 1.2