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There’s been quite a few restarts recently, and it’s gotten me thinking about (potentially) making it so all the things that make life easier for Blue only come into effect after restarts. And then the flag could get progressively harder and harder to cap. For example, currently, Deathcap (where everyone dies after a cap) comes into effect after each cap, and if ‘toughmode’ is ON, players can’t escape by jumping into water. But what if there were NO deathcap, and we play the map once, just to see if blue can handle it ( and/or if Red players switch). If its a slaughtermatch, let Deathcap be enabled after the restart, as well as the ‘mercy pause’, the ‘touch flag to make it return faster’, ‘flag carrier can be damaged by teammates’ etc. And make each restart tougher for Red.

School of thought 1: This is a fantastic idea. Each map ends up played at it’s own custom ‘toughness level’ which is appropriate for A: its own inherrant toughness, AND B: how players are playing on the day.

School of thought 2: This is a terrible idea. Restarts should be avoided, and not encouraged by making the game easier for Red. Most of the ToughMode innovations are there because they solve real world problems, so why bother removing them for a first wasted, and predictable slaughtermatch attempt of a game? Also it will confuse players because ‘what is enabled’ will be changing all the time.

Hm.. writing the above has given me second thoughts about the idea… I’m writing this AFTER I made the video above btw.. As always, A: let the players decide, and B: only have this ‘progressive tough map’ mode on Experimental Saturdays.

That’s it for today, see you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Sessions


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 6pm EST/23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. [yes it says ‘Event has passed’ (because of the date), but the TIME is correct!] Note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You.

Why: Because you love teams, you love fortresses, you love capping flags, and/or you love defending them.

MAP SCHEDULE: dune1, town4 and (pending player numbers) 2brave1.

REMINDER: Check out the Big Game Maker!!

7 comments to Restart Redux

  • Doc

    Lets say you are watching a sporting event. Soccer, for instance. One team pulls ahead quickly in the first quarter. Its 4 – 0. Does the referee restart the game because the losing team is losing? No. The game continues as planned. The game is not restarted 47 times simply because one team is getting slaughtered. The losing team works harder to catch up. If they do not catch up, they call it a loss and move on. The game is not restarted over and over simply because one team is doing poorly. If blue loses, they lose. Restarting the same map so many times over and over is silly.

    2001, Australia vs American Samoa fifa world cup qualifying match. Australia won 31 – 0. How many times was the game restarted because american samoa was getting crushed? Zero. How many times did the referees and officials change the rules and add special conditions to the game because of the score? Zero. How many times was a random player kicked from the game simply because they were on the winning team? Zero. They played the game normally and accepted defeat. Just like blue should.

  • Jonan

    Here are some options, (1) Blue’s Defense Timer gets lowered by, say 30 seconds each time Red captures. Once Blue starts scoring again, it gets the 30 seconds added back on. (2) Have Blue score every minute for 2 points.

  • Jonan

    If you make the flag unpickable for “60” seconds, red will still be active, however they will be hunting down all your buildings.

    With a “5” minute return, if flag get dropped in a bad spot, it could end game flow. Like in xpress3, in the skybox.

    • OneManClan

      Yea, good point. Hm. I’m still curious to try it though, even if its just once, on a Saturday (of course). I’ve already coded it, so it’s ready to go

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