Q1: Why the need for a Registration System?
A: Player Quality Control. Which means Gameplay Quality Control. Or… to put it bluntly – ‘dickhead minimisation’, ok? The core ‘mission’ of the Weekly AGR Sessions is to provide organised, scheduled, quality gameplay for those who are into TF, AGR style. Most of the people who log on are there to play, but (as with all public servers) occasionally, people show up who are bored or have other issues. Although we’re only talking about a tiny minority, we only play for a few hours a week, and there’s simply no time to be distracted by potential trolls, teamkillers, teamdamagers, and/or spammers of non-game related chit-chat. Therefore AGR server puts restrictions on unknown players, until they register.

Q2: How do I register?
A: Four simple steps:
1. Run the AGR Client.

2. Access the console ( ~),  and type “name <your name>”. (This will be your unique playername, that noone else can have, and will be used by the server to recognise you.)

3. type “reconnect”. Note: If the name is already taken, it will change your name to “player”(so try a different name).

4. Email me at:  letting me know what your playername is.

Q3: How do I know I’m registered?
You will receive a confirmation email. You will then be registered, and have access to 100% of the features of the mod.

Q4: I was registered, but had to reinstall my client, what do I do?

  1. Connect to the server w somename
  2. email/contact me and tell me the name you used

Q5: Jeez, I don’t know you… Is this just a trick to get my email address, so you can send me spam?
A: No.

Q6: Really?
A: Yes, really. It’s a way for me to know that you’re a real person, prevent [CENSORED – (“List of things losers can do to disrupt games”)], and a way of keeping touch with you if the server address changes. I try to send an email once a week, with info on the latest news, and that’s basically it. If you’re still suspicious (and yea, if you don’t know me, I understand), you can always use some email you check every now and then , but check it every couple of weeks ok?

Q7: How do I know if I’m registered in-game?
A: Every time you respawn, you will see a message saying either “You are registered, “, or “You are NOT registered, “.

Q8: I was registered, and now it’s saying “You are NOT registered”. What’s going on?

  1. You changed your username (make sure youre using the exact playername you registered),
  2. Your cl_sendguid is no longer set to ‘1’ (so set it at the console, and save all settings)
  3. You’re not using the AGR client,  and you changed IP (so use the AGR Client)
  4. You’ve changed computers/reinstalled the client (and it won’t let you use that playername because the playername is associated with the other install).  So: 1: connect using some other, temporary name, then 2. email me telling me what that name was, and I’ll ID you, and update your details.] Or you changed clients, Email me to confirm that the new ‘you’ is the ‘real you’.

Q9: Why not use a system where only registered players can connect?
A: I considered that, but we regularly get new, genuine players who discover AGR by accident, and  we want them to join in.

Q10: What if I change my mind and later want to use a different name?
A: No prob, just email me the details, and consider it done.

Q11: Why not just give people individual passwords?
A: Because passwords are stored on your client, and the info is accesible to other servers.

Q12: But if I can’t change my name regularly, I just can’t be ‘me’, how am I supposed show up, face the other players, and just play? It would destroy my confidence, affect my game, and ruin everything.
A: “Harden the f**k up“.

Q13: What if I connect and then change my name during the game?
A: No, the server will know.

Q14: What happens if I don’t register?
A: You’ll still be able to join in and play, but there will be restrictions on what you can do, mainly things that could disrupt games – eg you can’t vote, can’t use certain ‘annoying’ weapons, you can’t damage teammates, you’ll receive 100% Mirror damage, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Q15: What about putting brb-myname, or afk-myname?
A: You can put stuff at the end of your name (myname-brb, or myname-afk), but don’t change the first, ‘official’ part of your name.

Q16: So OMC, can I meet hot chicks at the Weekly AGR Sessions?
A: Probably not.

Q17: Ok, what if I have more questions?
A: Email me.

That’s it people. Thanks for your co-operation, sorry for the hassle, but I hope you understand that it’s for an excellent cause – the greatest TF games … EVER!!