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Weekly AGR Session: 28th August 2011

…Crowns has been surprisingly focused for a map with so much going on – foyer D will take the pressure Blues defenders.. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 21st August 2011

The time is nigh..

Less than 48 hours to go until we, the last remaining remnants of a once great Quake civilization come together to worship at the altar of TF. As the sacred ritual begins, the ground trembles, and dead horse of Quake arises from the dust, and stands proud, magnificent, and terrifying . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 14th August 2011

…things have been VERY hectic here at AGR Central, and I’ve been truly possessed, working like a madman on something new.. a gameplay mode never before seen in any Q1 game, that I think will totally KICK ARSE!!! . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 7th August 2011

…AGR from the beginning was intended to be TOUGH, and ideally there should be no need for hand holding, mercy, or concessions . . . → Read More