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Weekly AGR Session: 29th Dec 2013

OMC ponders, analyses, and pontificates at length, over the potential move of the Weekly AGR Sessions to a Saturday timeslot. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 22 Dec 2013

Change Weekly AGR Session to Saturdays? . . . → Read More

2fortember: OMCs Review

An exhausted and bewildered OMC describes the pain and pleasure that was 2fortember. . . . → Read More


2fortember is HERE! This Saturday 14th of December, the entire AGR playerbase all gathers at one time, in one place, to create the BIGGEST Q1 Team Fortress event possible. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 8th December 2013

2fortember = THIS Saturday, Dynamic Mirror Damage, dune1 D, closing the dune1 mine tunnel, . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 1st December 2013

OMC discusses, the new (still a work in progress) animated AGR Logo, upcoming 2fortember megamatch, and reminds players of AGR Session Rule6: “No AGR bashing during games” . . . → Read More