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Blender 2.8 (draft)

NOTE: Nodes (where you edit textures) are now found under “shader editor”, NOT “texture node editor”. (wasted 15 mins on that one)


Latest mdl exporter.


Inter-Quake Model format development kit


Q: Surely theres an easy way to convert the 2.79 blend files (done w blender renderer) to use the old image files? i’m in the shader editor trying to get the old blend to use the old image file; i cant even get the old blend to change color by changing ‘Base Color’, in the “principled BSDF” node

A: you add an image texture node and connect the output of that to the bsdf or straight to diffuse or whatever


blender 2.8_noskin
Q: jeez that looks fuzzy

A: are you rendering material in the viewport


Q:  Im in “LookDev” mode if thats what you mean
May 26 16:04:03 the material does look correct
May 26 16:04:24 or I wonder if it’s using the uvs properly
May 26 16:06:14 when i go uv project, nothign comes up in the ev editor
May 26 16:07:26 oh holdon, hm, it DOES
May 26 16:11:02 ugh, fuckit, ill just keep using 2.79 for the old files
May 26 16:12:01 ive been googling, and im suproised this isnt a pretty major f**kin issue
May 26 16:23:51
May 26 16:24:51 ^^^ YESSSS ^^^



“Smooth Shaded” vs “Flat Shaded”

OneManClan: are you on 2.7 or 2.8
Aug 02 01:41:15 in object mode you can set a model to flat or smooth
Aug 02 01:41:31 a smooth shaded model will use the same vertex normal for each triangle that connects to that vertex, while a flat shaded model will have a per-triangle normal (resulting in vertex duplication).
Aug 02 01:41:36 and iqm export will respect that when it writes the geometry
Aug 02 01:41:42 I’ve got 2.8, but an still using 2.7
Aug 02 01:42:22 so open the side menu thing with T
Aug 02 01:42:33 and make sure you’re in object mode
Aug 02 01:42:40 it has Shading: Smooth/Flat
Aug 02 01:42:44 click on the one you want
Aug 02 01:42:57 ahhh
Aug 02 01:45:06 i thought that was a ‘how to render it’ setting, rather than a ‘polygons’ setting
Aug 02 01:45:20 world is full of surprises
Aug 02 01:45:39 selectign one or the other doesnt affect the number of polygons, right?
Aug 02 01:46:15 as Spoike said, flat is mroe wasteful
Aug 02 01:46:35 because it has to duplicate every vertex for each triangle, tris can’t share the same vertices anymore
Aug 02 01:46:50 for low poly stuff this doesn’t really matter in the slightest
Aug 02 01:50:41 so this is about smooth shadows across a (eg) persons body, ie across vertices
Aug 02 01:51:08 vs each polygon having its own shadow value?
Aug 02 01:51:42 um badly phrased
Aug 02 01:52:12 i mean a ‘smooth shadow across a mdl’ is an *example* of what were talking about
Aug 02 01:52:31 ugh ‘mdl’, i meant ‘iqm’, lol
Aug 02 01:54:12
Aug 02 01:54:19 this should demonstrate better than words
Aug 02 01:54:41 it’s the same geometry as you can tell from the silhouettes, just one has a blockier appearance
Aug 02 01:54:47 because it doesn’t use smooth shading
Aug 02 02:00:13 ahhh ok, thanks, i think i got it
Aug 02 02:01:39 * Space_Man has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Aug 02 02:02:40 * Space_Man ( has joined
Aug 02 02:03:42 * Ophelia gives voice to Space_Man
Aug 02 02:04:20 wow i would have assumed that flat was *less* wasteful.. that the interpolation = performnce drop…
Aug 02 02:04:36 … but i can see if you have a high res model w a zillion polygons…
Aug 02 02:05:21 it might be faster to get an approximation ‘across a bunch of polygons’ all kinda facing a similar direction
Aug 02 02:05:51 * Space_Man has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Aug 02 02:06:21 hmm maybe i should drop the subject before I get confused again 🙂

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