1. Make a new directory, eg ‘C:\AGR’. (Note: you need to do this even if you already have Quake installed. AGR runs in its own directory)

2. Download the AGR installer (win64), or AGR installer (win32), and extract it into C:\AGR

3. Run the AttackersGoRed.exe (the files will automatically download)


Same as above, but replace ‘AttackersGoRed.exe’ with the appropriate FTE binary

WELCOME to the world of AGR.



Q1: Great, when is the next Session?

A: Check out Weekly AGR Sessions to find out the next Session time.

Q2: I can’t wait till the weekend, I want to play right NOW!

A: Well, you can try logging onto The BGM!!

Q3: I’m an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, what do I do?

A: read this.

Q4: Some things are unavailable, it says I need to register, what do I do?

A: For 100% access to ALL features ….  Register!

Q5. How do I adjust my display preferences?

A: Options->video options.

Q6. How do I save my settings?

Options-> ”save all settings’