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Weekly AGR Session: 31 July 2011

this week the AGR Server will premiere something so cool, possibly the coolest thing ever.. for AGR v2 I used codenames for secret projects, let’s call this one .. ‘Project Tsunami’ .. . . . → Read More

AGR v3: Vomitus Maximus (warning: graphic, disgusting content!)

this article is not for the squeamish. SO STOP READING NOW if you are not in the mood for graphical descriptions of vomit.. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 24 July 2011

the appearance of the fifth Dream Team member means that in the coming weeks, there will be games where the action will be even more frenetic, the drama huge, egos will be on the line.. . . . → Read More

AGR v3: ToughMap ‘GurusOnRed’ mode!

..certain maps have been consistently ‘too’ difficult, and many Gurus feel pressure to always go Blue. It would be nice for the pressure to be on Red for a change, and for Blues to have the ‘upper hand’… . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 17 July 2011

there has been a FRENZY of activity in the AGR world, and I write these words with my head still spinning from testing the new upgrade to AGR ….. the games are about to become very VERY exciting, and a whole new bunch of maps that were once deemed unplayable will now be playable . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 10 July 2011

and these latest changes are really cutting edge, and will make the game bigger, better, fairer, and more rewarding all round . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: 3rd July 2011

A minor update to AGR is on the way. Nothing that will really affect gameplay, mainly visual affects, improved AI for Grunties, some bug fixes, and general cool stuff . . . → Read More