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Demoman Basics (by Supa)

This class has three tools that no other class has: the Grenade Launcher, Pipebombs and the Detpack. All three do heavy damage over a radius *but* they are each suited for a different role.. . . . → Read More

Non-solid Sentries!

much work goes on behind the scenes here at AGR Central, many ideas, and concepts are worked on, only some of which ever make it into the game. Premiering this Sunday 27th May 2011 is something which I’ve been working on for a while, . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: March 27 2011

Hey people!!!!!!

Ok, I’m VERY excited because due to other commitments, it’s been three weeks(!) since I’ve been able to play an entire Session, and this week we have Spamadellica – the place where ALL firepower can be unleashed with NO FEAR of reciprocity! So let the Gibs fly and make sure you read . . . → Read More

2fort5r Rematch!!! ( Sat 23:00 GMT Mar 19th 2011)

Hey people,

Ok, I was truly gutted that last weeks 2fort5 was just … dismal. I’d love to try playing it again this Sunday, but Weekly AGR Session Policy states that the same map is (usually) not played more than once a month, and 2fort5r is next scheduled late April.

Anyway, I know it’s . . . → Read More

Tokyo Earthquake chaos: Gnarler speaks!

The cranes were swaying and banging into each other, the hanging hooks acting as wrecking balls. It was quite a sight. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session: March 20th 2011

..last week – a brilliant, amazing, intense spit, and a sad, frustrating, pointless 2fort5r which started and ended with an empty RR. . . . → Read More

Map Schedule: 2011

The Map Schedule for 2011 . . . → Read More

z7 Tesla defense

Z7 defense

This is an ancient tutorial, basically me practicing making a vid and uploading. The sound and ‘vid’ quality is a little embarrassing, but the info is still valid, so (until I make an updated version) here it is!

Weekly AGR Session: 13th March 2011

It’s hard to concentrate on writing this pre-match info email this week, because I keep thinking about Japan – which is in a whole lotta trouble right now.. there seems to be a whole lotta instability in the Pacific region lately. The Hurricane in northern Australia had few deaths, the earthquake in New Zealand hundreds, but this… this is something else. . . . → Read More

Weekly AGR Session (6th March 2011)

I’m excited (and nervous) there’s a chance .. I will be traveling later this year (Europe, and possibly the USA) .. and possibly … for the first time ever … play w an under 200 ping(!?) at that Eternal Extravaganza of Excellence we all know as the: . . . → Read More