Terms and Conditions

1. The Weekly AGR Sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday 23:00 GMT.

2. A Map Schedule (compiled monthly) is followed, which consists of pre-scheduled maps, with 7 minute intermissions in between.

3. Requirements for prospective Intermission maps are: (a) must prominently feature the word ‘Intermission’ (clearly legible), (b) must have it as the ‘first view’, and (c) must have NO weapons apart from axes, and grapples.¬† [EDIT: as of June 2016 this is no longer the case]

4. AGR games are ‘no holds barred’. Respawn camping / spamming, gassing, speedcapping, and all forms of spam are allowed.

5. Spectators are requested to keep conversation to a minimum so as not to distract players, please use ‘team talk’, and/or save chit chat for the Intermissions.

6. Trollers / AGR bashers are welcome to vent during intermissions, but mod-bashing during games is strictly prohibited, and will incur a one month mute.

7. Players suspected of cheating are to change class if requested by the admin, until an investigation is complete.

8. Players are required to select a unique name, and keep it consistent. Players who wish to change their names should advise the admin. There are no anonymous players (‘user-75’, ‘player1’ etc).¬†Player names must not cause confusion, either by using key words (eg ‘blue’, ‘engineer’, ‘team’, ‘admin’ etc), impeding communication (“hello”, “what”, “no” etc) or by impersonating another player. Players who are asked to change their name by the admin who refuse will be kicked/banned.

9. AGR is still being actively developed, refined and adjusted. This means there might be occasional game in-balances, as new ‘stuff’ gets introduced. Admins may request players switch to different tactic, if a certain tactic is deemed to be unbalancing the current game.

10. Non regular players shall receive one warning before being banned for any suspected sabotage attempt. ‘Sabotage’ also includes distracting players by being excessively abusive / rude / offensive.

11. Cheaters, and anyone *intentionally* trying to sabotage a game will be banned for five years, eligible for parole in two years.

12. Players who are AFK (“Away From Keyboard”) during intermission are requested to put ‘brb’ (“Be Right Back”) in front of their names so we know when everyone’s back.

13. Players who are AFK during a game and do not have ‘brb’ in front of their name will be kicked.

14. AGR Admins are not to change ANY settings, this includes adding runes, changing money, substituting maps (including intermission map), prematch times, teamplay modes etc etc etc without prior consultation.

15. At the conclusion of the final scheduled map, the admin shall announce that the scheduled maps are complete, and thank the players for participating. People who wish to continue playing are invited to vote for whatever map they want.

16. By logging on during a Session, players agree to abide with these Terms and Conditions, and admins shall not make any additions or amendments.