Payload Cart: Redux


As explained in the vid, I’ve made some changes to Payload mode. These are:

  1. Red scores (10 points) throughout a map, whenever the cart goes over a ‘Marker’
  2. Once the cart goes over a marker, that marker is the new ‘home’, ie the cart does not go back any further
  3. After each Red ‘cap’, there is a 30 second ceasefire, so that player can get into position. No damage, no dets, and um.. stuff like that (engineers can still build and hack)
  4. The cart gives health to *both* teams.

These are just initial settings to try, to see what happens, as always the gameplay will be analysed, and everything will be adjusted to perfection!

Coming soon – um.. something really cool… um a nice surprise – meanwhile until further notice, bots can’t swim!

This hasn’t really been tested yet. We didn’t get enough people for a real test game last Saturday, and seeing how it’s quite controversial..  it will not make an appearance on Sundays. I also have no idea of the merit of the idea, because some ppl have told me they often don’t change class for an entire game.. hmm. Otoh, others tell me they would LOVE to penalise people who anti-class them. Maybe try tomorrow, pending numbers. ONE GAME, ok?

This has been very interesting. I’ll announce it’s official premiere next week, but preliminary testing shows: Good news: A lot of people have tried it, and I think it does add something special to the game. It seems surprisingly balanced (so far).. Bad news: it still needs refinement, eg ideally it should NOT Bunnyhop, at all! I’m leaving it in for now, but if you LOVE bunnyhopping with this beast (it looks ridiculous), do it now, before it is disabled. Also I need to make it;s entire body vulnerable? If you are reading this and have no idea wtf I am talking about, then.. shame on you – it means you haven’t been playing recently. Shame, shame, shame. Anyway you can redeem yourself by showing up tomorrow at 23:00GMT

That’s it for today, see you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Sessions


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 6pm EST/23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. [yes it says ‘Event has passed’ (because of the date), but the TIME is correct!] Note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You

Why: Why not?

MAP SCHEDULE: dune1, town4 and (pending player numbers) 2brave1.

REMINDER: Check out the Big Game Maker!!

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