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AGR FTE mychanges.patch

Index: server/sv_main.c
--- server/sv_main.c	(revision 5778)
+++ server/sv_main.c	(working copy)
@@ -1143,6 +1143,11 @@
 			skin = InfoBuf_ValueForKey (&cl->userinfo, "skin");
 			team = InfoBuf_ValueForKey (&cl->userinfo, "team");
+			int standby = atoi(InfoBuf_ValueForKey (&cl->userinfo, "standbymode"));
+			// OMC EDIT
+			if(standby)
+				botpre = "Standby:";
+			else
 			if (!cl->state || cl->protocol == SCP_BAD)	//show bots differently. Just to be courteous.
 				botpre = "BOT:";

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