Bot Updates

Hey people!!!

Again, it’s been over a month since my last pre-match chat, so lets get straight into it:


Firstly, as I (hopefully) explained in this weeks chat, I made it so that instead of needing you to spawn a bot before the ‘timer till the next bot’ begins, the timer keeps going, and you can ‘reserve’ your spare reserves. So instead of having to A: store your bot army in a safe space, and B: needing to escort them (safely) to a battle area, you can get youself into a strategic position and spawn them right there.  On the other hand, as I write thse words I’m thinking… hm.. did “I just take away a challenge”? Hm.. Anyway, it’s done now, so lets see how we go. As always things will be adjusted if life becomes too easy for anyone. The bots shouldn’t become the ‘star of the show’, they add a flavour, they should be the equivalent of any of the other super powers. Easy to use, a challenge to master. Ideally.

I’ve also (hopefully) fixed the bug that was crashing the server. Next – make the bots swim. Fun Fact: The animations are already ready – they have been ready for YEARS; I just need to figure out how to incorporate up/down ( qc coders: MOVETYPE_FLY) with the navigation system. Talking of the navigation system I noticed at todays Session (you guys all know we play Saturdays as well, yea?) a possible bug where the bots on flag duty (sometimes) weren’t guarding the flag. ie they said they were, didn’t stand near it.. Anyway, I’ll look into it.

I didnt discuss it in this week’s chat, because I’m saving this for next week (though some of you already know about this, because I snuck in a little test during last weeks Saturdays (Experimental) Session). Anyway, premiering next week (Saturday 10th 2019) will be a BIG FAT MONSTER SUPRISE. Never before seen. Never before imagined. Hopefully it will FILL the server with curious people who hear about it and say “NO WAY – I GOTTA see this!”. Those who haven’t updated their clients to FTE, the time to make the switch is NOW.

BUG FIXES (cut pasted from my notes)

  1. Changed grunty so that every x seconds you get a bot regardless of whether you spawn one, ie it stores spare bots, so you can spawn a whole bunch.
  2. Fixed warlock menu where it was showing spawn menu even though you had spawned your max spawns
  3. Lowered smoke rate (due to KOP performance issues)
  4. Made bot use shotgun more, rather than nails (due to KOP performance issues)
  5. Lowered army bot fire rate to compensate for the above
  6. Experiments w playing music , it works, but iirc it needs more work, i don’t remember what
  7. Fixed bug where if a warlock knifes a passed out/syringed player, you didnt get credit for their heart [thanks to doc for pointing this out]
  8. Lots of other little bugs and adjustments


Meanwhile, see you at this week’s:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: Maniacs

Why: Because AGR is maniacal.

MAP SCHEDULE: rock2, canyon, [TBA]

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