1. Download the AGR installer, and extract (preferably into a new directory).

2. Run AttackersGoRed.exe (the files will automatically download)


Same as above, but replace ‘AttackersGoRed.exe’ with the appropriate FTE binary

WELCOME to the world of AGR.



Q1: Great, when is the next Session?

A: Check out Weekly AGR Sessions to find out the next Session time.

Q2: I can’t wait till the weekend, I want to play right NOW!

A: Well, you can try logging onto The BGM!!

Q3: I’m an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, what do I do?

A: read this.

Q4: Some things are unavailable, it says I need to register, what do I do?

A: For 100% access to ALL features (optional but you should still DO IT…)  Register!

Q5: Can I still play using older clients (Fuhquake, EZQuake etc)?

A: Yes, but you need to download some files manualy.

Q6. How do I adjust my display preferences?

A: Options->video options.

Q7. How do I save my settings?

Options-> ”save all settings’