Stopping Escaping flags

MORE AGRv5 stuff:


  • You can now download demos directly from the AGR server:
    cmd demolist // gives you the complete list of demos
  • download demonum/the_demo_number (eg ‘download demonum/5’)

GOOD NEWS: They are titled by the date and time and map
BAD NEWS: There are HEAPS of them so.. hmm.. maybe there should be a system, some catalog of ‘the best games ever’.. to be discussed..

The sheep in 2farms now roams!!! Experimental. Is this the future – roaming be discussed..

So, ready for two days of TF insanity at this weekend’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: You man, you.

Why: To test your limits.

MAP SCHEDULE: sewer1p & frontlin??

6 comments to Stopping Escaping flags

  • Jonan

    Perhaps allow full speed, items, abilities, whilst carrying flag, but have degenerating health and armour? -5 armour and health per second, for example.

    • OneManClan

      Well.. the last few weeks we had ‘no abilities while carrying the flag’, but aside from sprint, I’m not sure if using ones abilities/profession/skill helps Red that much. Re: Degenerating health and armour.. well hopefully it’s already being degraded via the carrier getting damaged by Blue.. Hm.

      I think the speed might be the main issue .. otoh the ‘extra slowdown’ we tried in the last few weeks is.. kinda ‘unfun’ imho. I don’t want to feel like a cripple, especially if its a BIG map. I *think* ive fixed the gren jumping, and fixing the airfist+flag bug, need to test further.

      What if … when the flag is taken, Blues ‘flag spot’ becomes … a teleporter to the Reds ‘capture spot’?!? Hm..

      • Jonan

        Perhaps if you lose an additional 10 movespeed for each second you carry the flag. So the longer you have the flag, the “heavier” it gets, and the slower you get.

        You would still have a good 5-10 seconds before movement is annoying.

        Or just a timer for X seconds before flag slows you.

        • OneManClan

          I dunno…we still want it to ‘feel good’ holding the flag… ie a reward.. rather than a ‘punishment’… This is of course exacerbated with FR D, where once a Red has the flag, Blue has the futile job of chasing the Flag Carrier who might have sacrificed a lot of armour to get some (well deserved ) speed. With proper RR D, there IS something stopping flag carriers from just running out, and fast Flag Carriers (who are less well armoured) are less of an issue.

  • Beltan

    When someone has the flag, just make it so they drop it if they boost faster than their regular speed. That way they can’t explosive-jump to 50x normal speed and fly past defenders. This would also allow the other team to cause fumbles by hitting the flag carrier with an explosive.

    They should be able to sprint with the flag, because it has a long cooldown. If sprint isn’t fair, increase the cooldown. Grappling hook should also work with the flag. People that PAY for mobility should get mobility.

    • OneManClan

      Hey Beltan.

      There’s been some (wip) experiments w slowing the flag down as discussed here, including flag drop w grapple, and (almost) no sprint with flag.

      good news: its working well, games are more even, flags are a little more ‘savable’
      bad news: KOP hates the current (wip) setting (50% speed reduction when you have the flag) specifically for BIG maps, and I see his point. So I’m gonna make some adjustments, hoping we can find a setting that makes everyone happy.

      It might have to be different for each map, because they all have specific D challenges, and what’s perfect for (small) Map A, might really suck for (big) Map B. I’ll increase the flag speed this weekend, see how we go. Would love your feedback, if u can make it.

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