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Slowing the Flag

LATEST VERSION (last edit 11 June 2017):

(reminder: this is a wip/under active development, your feedback welcome!)

1. Your speed is halved reduced by 20%.
2. Your speed is capped at 250, or 200 if its a replay, or a designated ‘tough map’
3. You cant Sprint
4. You can’t grenjump/rocket jump with the flag.
5. Heavy flag reduces affect of airfist, and hoverboots
6. Blue touching a dropped flag makes it return faster.

(in development)
1. All the above happens only when there’s a restart





Yes, I said this last week, but it’s important: if you want BIG GAMES, there’s only one way were gonna do it in 2017 – the AGR Standby Player List! Get on it NOW… unless of course its actually time for:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: People with issues.

Why: Because people who handle issues are tough, and we need tough people at the AGR Sessions!

MAP SCHEDULE: impact1, ditch2.

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