Rock2ober 2013

Men and women of the Quake World,

Rock2ober 2013 is upon us! This Saturday 26th of October, once again, the entire AGR playerbase all gathers at one time, in one place, to battle it out at the worlds biggest Q1 Team Fortress event. Whether you’re a devoted AGR Maniac, a hater, or if you just love your Team Fortress anyway you can get it, this is your chance to experience Rock2ober in all its Gory Glory:

32 players!

120 minutes!

16 vs 16!




NO, it will not be pretty. YES it will be brutal. NO, the caps will not be easy. YES you will love it. Already players are defragging their hard drives. Already people are buying new mouses. Already people are cleaning their monitors. Already couples are arguing, marriages are ending and families breaking up, because people like you LOVE your TF and NOTHING .. and NOBODY will stand in your way! Is it possible for a quakeworld server to fill with 32 players, can ‘server full’ be experienced in again in 2013..? Is the passion for TF ecstasy still there..? The obsession? The relentless dedication to the Art of TF? I say … YES!!! The amazing Weekly AGR Sessions , are STILL going strong – they have become an institution, STILL providing a sanctuary for organised, structured TF action since 2008. Not only are the players insanely dedicated (and let’s be honest .. insane full stop), new victims  players have stumbled across the Weekly AGR Sessions, so 32/32 again IS possible!! Once again however, I’ll need your help. Once again, to achieve the target of 32/32, I’m reaching out to the wider world of TF players. Maybe some of you reading this prefer Vanilla TF, Classic CustomTF, MegaTF, CTF, or TWCTF, but for an event this big, I know  all TF players, of ALL genres will want to be there. Will this be the last opportunity in our lifetimes to play in a 32 player quakeworld game? I don’t know. But don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to play in a 32 player game – book your place NOW … or risk being told “server full”! YOU can help make this happen by spreading the word about Rock2ober 2013 to EVERY Quake player you know, current and retired. At least tell them to watch the ‘Rock2ober’ vids on youtube: Rock2ober Promo 2010 and Rock2ober Promo 2011. Man, I watched these AGAIN today, and they STILL get my blood pumping! So let’s do it:

What: Rock2ober


When: Saturday 26th October, 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Everyone.

Why: Do you need to ask?

1. rock2 (65 minutes)

2. intermission (10 minutes)

2. rock2 (65 minutes) SPAMADELLICA MODE (Team damage off, mirror damage off)


We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Demos will be available for download, check, and the AGRMania youtube channels for details to follow

OMC’s tip: Spread the word about Rock2ober, there are still slots left!!!

There will be a number of downloads, so get in early!

The pipers will be there, AND MORE!! Get in early!!

Since Rock2ober will be held a week later than has been the case in years gone by, I believe daylight savings will not be an issue, I think that some changes are happening this week in Europe, anyway please check.

If you haven’t registered yet,  check your schedule, and contact me at: I’ll send you a confirmation email. In fairness to those who register, non registered players will be kicked in the event we reach 32/32. Get in quick, so you don’t miss out!

“Ok, but I don’t have Quake anymore, and don’t know / remember where to get the client!”. Make sure you use  FTE the only 100% AGR approved client. If you intend to play using Ezquake of Fuh etc, follow the instructions on upgrading to AGRv4, otherwise …you wont be able to connect!

“Ok, but I haven’t got CustomTF installed, where do I get the files?”. Go  here.

“Ok, but I’m married, and my wife doesn’t approve of me playing computer games.” Go here.

“Um, I have no idea what I’m doing on this site, err… what’s this Rock2ober thing you’re goin’ on about?” Here’s the Rock2ober  FAQ

Let’s make this happen people. If you love Quake1 team fortress, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed games which leave you utterly exhausted, and ecstatic and exhilarated, email me NOW and secure your place in this very very special event!
Looking forward to seeing you there,


26 comments to Rock2ober 2013

  • Wolfgang

    Will try my best to make it. Although I think a 65 minute map is too much from my previous experience. Personally I think 45 mins is optimum and definitely no more than 55.

    Here’s to QTF in 2013. Still going despite all the issues. Once more into the fray (…frag)

  • sapphired

    >Personally I think 45 mins is optimum and >definitely no more than 55.

    Wanna play hole night with different bitches in team. 1 hour is ok, may u just too weak for such non-stopness but its Rockoctober baby – so show u best bitch)

    • OneManClan

      Yes mixing teams for the second half is there as an option, as well as giving people the chance to experience being Red or Blue.

      Btw, originally, Rock2ober was devised as a 120 minute, ‘marathon’ game concept. ‘Non stop Action’ means it was an endurance test as well. A ten minute intermission however, is short enough that the feeling of being involved in an epic ‘marathon’ is still there!

    • Wolfgang

      Sapph, I have more stamina for Quake than most players but I was worried about everyone else! We know how notorious AGR players are for going “afk”… 🙂

      It’s looking likely I’ll be there for the start so I’m going to go blue and pray the team has at least one good engineer defending the flag! Otherwise it’s going to resemble CAPtober…

  • darksheep

    Hello, I’ll try to be there. OMC – did you see my email about the .mdl file?

  • sapphired

    ok,if anyone cares, i’ll play 1st match defending blue – probably as field piper, will put initial damage on arc arrivers – dont let them freerun on field like a sheeps – pressure all the time enemies spots. Don’t forget to custom special free runner class to find enemy teles, snipers, spyes etc. Sure we need steady engies, auras and may be chaplan to stop cheap classes Like K.o.p – no brain all armor, some heavy guyz and someone who can put plague and psy on Haze as he is playing individual style – no one will heal him) ha ha ha.

    Freerunner check backyards – jail, bathroom etc – to find teles. Plz change custom class according to sitaution.


    • OneManClan

      By ‘field’ do you mean ‘yard’? Will you be piping the main doorway(to the yard)? If you’re gonna be on ventrillo, I’ll join you on Blue so we can work together. Judging from previous years, Red has the harder job *unless* they attack in groups..

      As long as I have teammates who are communicating with me, I’ll be happy, though I can’t decide whether its best to go attacker for Part1, or Part2 (Spamadellica). Hm.

  • Beltan

    Can honestly say I had a great time playing. I was afraid there would be problems, and after several restarts I was worried what would happen…but when we finally got under way it was challenging and fun.

    I was impressed by the defense Blue managed to put up in game 1- from my perspective (as an attacker) most or all of the Blues stayed in the courtyard and it forced a fight no matter which area you were headed to.

    I personally still prefer the way we rolled when I was on Blue in game 2, though: defenders were spread out, moving around and watching all areas to prevent them from being neglected. Even so, the Reds had potential- but seemed broken after their biggest attack was thwarted. I remember noticing I was down a sentry and a grunt, and when checking gas chamber heard that telltale teleport sound. I warned my teammates of a tele in power and rushed to help, only to find…
    Ohhh no…oh no oh no oh no no less than 5 reds guarding a teleporter, one of them glowing (chaplan! OH NO)!

    As they mowed me down I was thinking how hard we were about to get hammered by a stream of attackers, starting with this pack of troublemakers. Then I respawned and they were all dead, along with their tele. I was like, “Oh. Well that wasn’t bad at all.”

    Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

    I am looking forward to viewing the demos not only from the Rock2 games but also the 2fort5 game(s?) afterward as well, there were some freaky flag grabs.

    And now some friggin’ bitching.

    The best time to make sweeping changes would probably be between december and febuary. I recommend halting changes from about September through November and this is my thought process on that: first and foremost, Rock2ober needs to run flawlessly. It’s our once-a-year custom TF party for all intents and purposes, above all a time for us to just CELEBRATE CUSTOM TF BY JUST PLAYING. Taking a break from changes will also help refresh you and give you time to let ideas for additions brew a little before you begin to implement them, which will help you avoid some complications by foreseeing them ahead of time. As Rock2ober is the closest we get CustomTF to being advertised, it would also be helpful to new or returning players because they won’t feel like guinea pigs (which frustrates some people)- that’s also why I recommended waiting on changes for a few extra weeks, so that those who DO come back and enjoy Rock2ober will be more inclined to hang around if they don’t come back to a bunch of problems with the server and multiple restart scenarios.

    ALLLLLL that being said, I want to hit two important points regarding the CustomTF server. One is: All you muthafuckas that bash on OMC and his customtf just KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO PLAY AT ALL IF OMC WASN’T DOING A GOOD JOB OF KEEPING IT UP. Give him a break, FERFUCKSAKE. Be glad I’m not the proprietor of CusTF because if I put all the time, effort, and love that OMC put into this thing, I’d kick your ungrateful ass off the server if you tore into me like you do him.

    Point Two, conversely, is: OMC, you make some DUMB fucking mistakes, man. You probably SHOULDN’T BE COOL with creating incompatibility with non-FTE clients, and you for damn sure shouldn’t be implementing it so close to Rock2ober. There’s my bitching out of the w-whoops I almost forgot: Snipers STILL KILL IN ONE SHOT when I have 200 kevlar. Fuck that fucking bull fucking shit. Anyway, there’s my bitching out of the way. Sorry.
    Alright, now I’m done with the bitching segment.

    ROCKING (get it?) games last night, folks.


  • OneManClan

    Thanks to everyone for an AMAZINGLY INTENSE ROCK2OBER!!!; here’s my (totally subjective) review!
    Beltan, thanks for your comments, you’ve said heaps, I’ll reply via an (upcoming) video on AGRMania, otherwise it’ll take me 2 hours to compose the perfect response! 🙂
    ps I’m still exhausted!
    pps.. and yet I want MORE!! 😮
    ppps.. uploading demos now, link to follow (below)!

  • Beltan

    Yeah, I tend to talk, you know…a lot…lol but you guys wouldn’t know anything about that, I’m sure :]

    *Rubbing hands together* Oh, goody. Movies and cusTF Demotime. I want to relive my medaxe rampage from my victims’ perspectives, muhuhahaha!

  • Wolfgang

    Test… this working?

  • Wolfgang

    So, this is Custom Team Fortress in 2013. A weird paradox in the QTF world…or more accurately the almost non existent CuTF world.
    To anyone who isn’t a regular, playing AGR must be like entering the twilight zone, eerily familiar but massively different. Connecting alone to the server is an ordeal in itself as was in evidence for Rock2ober. For newbies this will seem like a secret sect or cult that requires some weird initiation. Using FTE is almost a requirement now…unfortunately.

    Still, Rock2ober 2013 was certainly fun. Game 1 was definitely the best in my opinion. Game 2 was too easily dominated by blue’s almost water tight defence.

    Here’s to 2014

    • Beltan

      I had no trouble, but I’ve switched over to FTE. It seems to run well, and it’s prettier than what I’m used to (non-GL), but it’s tough for me to back the decision to support ONLY FTE. I’m just hoping that the kinks are worked out or quickly get worked out so that the benefits can be reaped for this change as soon as possible.

      I had fun both games, but I will concede that game 1 was more challenging and intense. Just don’t judge game 2 by points alone, though- red was pounding non-stop and, to my retrospecitive glee, testing each area for weak points. If blue hadn’t kept it tight, red would have blown through….and as we all know, when you get momentum, objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

      Again, GGs to all participants.

      • Wolfgang

        Special thanks also to that important blue defender……the camera. Guarded that flag better than I ever did.

        Also, notice how nobody really went HWGuy. OMC, you really could change this. Go on MTF, notice how all the bullets hit in a small area when you use the Heavy Cannon, not like on AGR where it sprays in a massive area.
        Come on man, make the HWGuy scary again!

        • OneManClan

          I agree, the HW guy *should* be scarey.. Apart from letting him move (slowly) while firing, and the VWEP, he’s pretty much the same old HWguy from CustomTF, so I’m not sure when exactly he stopped being intimidating, or what should be done – I’ll have a look at the MTF HWguy.

          • Beltan

            If I remember correctly I had some ideas about the Chaingun Cannon…

            One big problem is that someone can output so much damage on a target that even if you buy the cannon and nothing else but armor, you can still be slam dunked by someone if they pop you with one krac grenade, and to top it all off the krac destroys so many of your cells that you lose the ability to use your main weapon.

            There are too many counters to the Cannon. The mobility loss makes you a prime candidate for any primed grenade, you can have your face judo’d off, get popped into the air, de-armor-cated by a Daedalus Rifle, one-shotted by snipers, or simply outrun because the Cannon costs a ton of money and if you don’t buy heavy armor you’re dead before you can spin up.

            I think the 2 best changes that could be made would be to increase the damage and to give the cannon an ‘airfist’ effect on each shot in order to repel projectiles, making a prepared HWguy a very powerful force, both on defense and as a supporting role in offense.

            In fact, this would be a great counter to hopper-spammers!


          • Wolfgang

            That’s an interesting idea Beltan. Although a bunny hopping “spammer” would be stopped simply by a HWGuy with a decent aim.

            Again, look at the MTF HWGuy and you’ll see a greatly reduced area of spray from the bullets but increased damaged within this area. This rewards good aim rather than the spray and pray attitude that the current one has.
            OMC, I appreciate you haven’t changed anything…I imagine the CuTF build AGR inherited was from a Shaka build of old. If you watch any old TF demos the HWGuy not only could bunnyhop but have a smaller area of bullet spray but increased damage.

            I’d be interested to see this airfist like effect on the heavy cannon. Something needs doing to the HWGuy class though

  • sapphired

    Beltan, say how many of yours or someone else ideas were implemented?

    It’s OMC TF – we are just players. My new ‘bashing’ is only about game rules – autbaalncing teams, switching, snipers, afk morons, trolls etc. About seriousness of gameplay. Games can be more intense and interesting. If not OMC – someone else owning code would make same thing but who knows better or not…

    U cannot afect on mod, so stfu and play every Sunday, solder

    • Wolfgang

      Shame that the community isn’t more involved, it is mostly the OMC show. Still waiting on the anti grav gun and HWGuy improvements. “Stfu” or go elsewhere…

    • Beltan

      I’d love to learn how to code and work on implementing some changes, but I have difficulty just trying to learn by reading textbooks, I need a hands-on approach. It’d be nice if someone could show me how to work on it.

      @Sapph: I empathize with your disenchantment. I miss more sessions these days because I have a lot of close friends to play games with and not much time to play thanks to a full-time job with a schedule that isn’t the greatest. In all seriousness, though, shut your bitch fucking mouth and quit your bitching. Be well, bud.

      @Wolf: Agreed. Guess I’ll stfu then. I can’t see someone type *sniff* without thinking of the TF2 Meet The Heavy video. Some people think they can outsmart me……..mebbe…*sniff*….mebbe…I’VE YET TO SEE ONE WHO CAN OUTSMART BOOLIT.

  • sapphired

    Guyz roll in today 9 Nov at Saturday 22-00 GMT lets to it.

    Map voting is on

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