Playing AGR with older clients

Q: “I want to USE FTE, but can I make it more like Ezquake?”

  1. Control tilt when you strafe control:   “cl_rollangle”
  2. Options->graphics presets->Normal
  3. Try the ezquake hud plugin


NOTE: For the ultimate AGR experience, you should be using The Official Client: FTE, but if for some reason you want to use old unsupported clients, here’s how to connect.

NOTE2: Do NOT listen to trolls people who tell you you need to ‘re-name files’, or do any other hacks to connect. Not only is this unnecessary, it can mess up your gameplay, and may result in the server identifying you as a CHEAT, and possibly banned. Please follow these simple, ‘official’ instructions:


EZQuake: download agrv4.pk3 (4mb) from here, and put it in quake/fortress.

Fuhquake: Download agrv4.pak (8mb) from here, and put it in quake/fortress  quake/id1, and rename it pakn.pak, where ‘n’ is the next consecutive number, depending on what paks you already have in there

AGRv4 is different from previous versions because as well as involving a few new downloads, it also requires the download of a special file called ‘agrv4.pk3’. ‘Installing AGR v4’ is actually as simple as downloading this one file, and putting it in the right folder. This has been a challenge, because although FTEQW will download this file automatically, other clients cannot, EZQuake ‘might’, and Fuhquake requires a different version of this file. Therefore if (for some crazy reason) you want to continue using these older clients you will have to install the file manually, as described below.

NOTE: I know many people are attached to older clients such as EZQuake or Fuhquake, so was I until recently, but I would strongly encourage you to try FTE. After years of relentless development, FTE of today is a true MONSTER, a cutting edge beast, which contains features too mind blowing to go into here. It scares me people, so please give it a try. It also happens to be the only client which can install AGRv4 automatically, ie you don’t have to do anything other than connect, and wait for the files to download! Download it and try it, NOW 🙂 ! So, here are the instructions for ‘installing AGRv4’ for EZQuake and Fuhquake.


  1. Ok, the first thing is to download the latest version of EZQuake, which should download agrv4.pk3 automatically. If that works, and you connect to the server, you’re done. If not, then keep reading.
  2. Download agrv4.pk3 (4mb) from here.
  3. Put agrv4.pk3 in your /fortress folder.
  4. Connect to
  5. It will download some extra files, and at some point, you will see a message that says “AGR Version 4 detected!!!” (This is good!)


  1. Download agrv4.pak (8mb) from here.
  2. Put it in your /fortress folder.
  3. Rename the file “pakn.pak’, where ‘n’ is a number, which is the next consecutive number, depending on what existing .pak files you already have in your fortress folder. For example, if you have no .pak files in /fortress, rename agrv4.pak  ‘pak0.pak’ (thats a zero, not the letter ‘o’). If you already have an existing ‘pak0.pak’ in /fortress, then rename agrv4.pak ‘pak1.pak’. If you already have a ‘pak0.pak‘ and a ‘pak1.pak’ in /fortress, then name it ‘pak2.pak’, and so on.
  4. Connect to
  5. It will download some extra files, and at some point, you will see a message that says “AGR Version 4 detected!!!” (This is good!)


If you still have issues, read the posts below, and if the problem hasn’t been addressed, post the issue below, with details of your OS, client, error messages, and (email me) screenshots – and in the meantime, download the FTE mentioned above and get TFing! Btw if you insist on using your old client, you can always just use fte as a way of downloading the files. Downloading fte, put it where you keep your normal client exe, use FTE to connect and download the files, and THEN try running your old client.

As you can see, we’ve done our best to make AGRv4 compatible with as many clients as possible. If you have any problems or issues, it means that the client you are using is not currently compatible with AGRv4. Until it does, please use FTE, as mentioned above.

46 comments to Playing AGR with older clients

  • George

    what about guys using Macs?

    • OneManClan

      What client? If it’s fodquake (which I’m told is mac compatible) follow the procedure under “Q: I’M USING FUHQUAKE, WHAT ABOUT ME?”

  • OneManClan

    Btw people, I’ll be on the server Saturday 30th March 23:00 GMT, though if there’s any problem/issue you simply won’t be able to connect, so its best to email me or post questions here.

  • Wolfgang

    Must say OMC that all of this is just overkill for what is basically a few cosmetic changes unless you’ve put something else in there I haven’t seen.

    It’s great you are keeping AGR fresh and adding ‘features’ however as a player I’d rather see some gameplay changes and bug fixes. I mean did anyone in the dwindling community ask for anything in V4?

    Not to piss on your bonfire at all dude. I just think stuff like this is going to turn away more players than bring them in…

    • OneManClan

      Well as long as people are using the AGR-ready fte or ezquake 2.1, this shouldn’t be a ‘big deal’, just an extra download. Btw, yes, AGRv4 includes bug fixes, and anti cheat stuff, and anti dickhead stuff, and the skin bug should (finally) be fixed, and much, much more.

      Btw can ppl reading this thread please post to confirm their install was successful – just to keep track of how everyone is going.

  • only had one problem:

    progs/omc/omc-skinshuffle7.mdl failed. not found.

    so you might wanna upload that.

    • OneManClan

      oops, thanks for letting me know, the file has been uploaded, please try again

    • OneManClan

      Aparently some people (even those using FTE) still ocassionally get the message: “progs/omc/omc-skinshuffle7.mdl failed. not found”.

      I still dont understand why, but the ‘solution’ is to just try reconnect a few more times, and the message goes away, and you will connect.

  • honus wagner

    i’m using ezquake 2.1 and when i try to connect its saying no client commands allowed during intermission

    • OneManClan

      It’s been stalling between maps for a while now, haven’t had time to look into it, but I just restarted the server, so please try again.

  • This is retarded!

    Why must I download a pak file when you can simply put the files on the server and let them download to clients in the standard way?

    Or is it that you (OMC) don’t know you must precachee the files to make the server upload the files to clients? You know how to make it, right?

    Please, reconsider this bad move

  • Not to mention you will get no more casual newbies, giving the blow of death to this agonizing mod

    • OneManClan

      Pre_cache wasn’t an option because of certain animation effects, which involve multiple, rapidly changing skins.

      There is a ‘message’ at the console for those trying to connect telling them about this info page, so the only ‘casual newbies’ we will lose will be those using older clients, who cant read, or wont read.

      Besides, the survival of this agonising mod depends on attracting new players, and making the graphics as unique as the gameplay itself is part of the plan.

  • Dickie Knee

    I keep getting an Host Error CLS something. I have updated to the lateset ezquake

    • OneManClan

      Hm, thanks for the info, that’s an error I was only getting with EZquake 1.9.

      The fte people are looking into it, in the meantime, if people can just download agrv4.pk3 (or agrv4.pak if you’re using fuhquake) directly, and put it in your /fortress folder it should work. follow the (updated) instructions above and try again.
      Note: If not enough people are up and running in the next 7 hours, then this week’s Session will be played in AGRv3. Thanks for your patience people!

  • honus wagner

    ok it let me connect and download something but now i cant hear anything except nails hitting the wall

  • honus wagner

    i’ll try the fuhquake pak

  • honus wagner

    now its crashing ezquake, no big deal i probably wasnt going to be around tomorrow anyway

    • OneManClan

      By ‘crash’ do you mean Ezquake actually stops working, or that you get booted to the console (with an error)? If so, what was the error. Did you try FTE?

  • George

    host_erro: cos.downloadmethod !=DL_QWCHUNKS

    this occurs while download profs/omc/omc_skinshuffke7.mdl …

    any help ? I’m using EZquake for mac

    • OneManClan

      Did you put agrv4.pak (ie .pak NOT .pk3) from the ‘FUHQUAKE’ section above, in /fortress?

      If so, try downloading omc_skinshuffle7.mdl from here, and put it in progs/omc

  • George

    ok now its saying

    progs/omc/agr_telepad3.mdl …

    host_error: cos.downloadmethod ! =dl_qwchunks

    is this a client or user problem here?

  • George

    and yes the .pak file is where it is supposed to be at.

  • OneManClan

    UPDATE: The server was fine tuned during the night, and and older clients should now have an easier time connecting.

    Please try again and let me know if there are still issues.

  • OneManClan

    UPDATE: Whilst EZquake seems fine now, I just tested couldn’t connect with fuhquake, and in consideration of those players who haven’t had the chance to read their emails, the server will run v3 this week, giving everyone the chance to play, AND a week to read up/catch up on whats going on.

  • OneManClan

    UPDATE: The FuhQuake instructions have been updated, AND I added a new link for 64-bit version of FTE (which IS buggy btw)

  • Col.Kurtz

    OMC, I rec’d the following error msg after logging on:

    Invalid file chunk requested 4294966272 to 0 of 17399

    The only issue I noticed was I wasn’t able to hear tracers from the weapons, but could hear the explosions their shells made.

    • OneManClan

      More info please: OS, Client version, and what do you mean by ‘tracers’?

      Btw, there are issues with win7 64-bit and FTE, so you might want to stick w EZQuake 2.1 till they are resolved.

  • Col.Kurtz

    OS is windows 7 Ultimate / build 7601. … I was meaning when firing the weapon I don’t hear the initial sound, e.g. a rocket launcher, I don’t hear initial sound of firing, but only the sound when projectile hits something, like a wall.

    And thanks for the “btw” comment. I’ll look into it.

  • Col.Kurtz

    I just logged on to the server and things are working perfectly now.

  • Legendary

    still getting dl_qwchunks error on ezquake 2.1. Linux mint 14 OS. Tried dling all the previous mdl files you linked earlier and the last one it quit on was medpack.mdl i believe.

    • OneManClan

      Are you upgrading to AGR version 4, or are you installing the entire game/mod from scratch?

      Did you follow all the instructions on the EZQUAKE section above? Do you have one (and only one) file called ‘agrv4.pk3’ in /fortress, and there are no partly downloaded versions .. these might be called agrv4.temp, agrv4(1).* ?

  • OneManClan

    UPDATE (for Win7 64-bit users):
    The Win7 64-bit client is not currently available. You can try the 32 bit version instead (at the FTE link above), but you might have sound issues. If you do, type ‘”snd_mixerthread 0″ at the console. If that doesn’t work, try typing ‘snd_inactive 1’. If that STILL doesn’t work (and you are using the latest audio drivers for your soundcard), then just use EZQuake 2.1 for now (and follow the instructions in the EZQuake section), until the 64-bit version of FTE becomes ready.

    [Note: The ‘FTE’ section in the main section (above) has been modified to include this new info]

  • Felipe

    Hi, I recently, after 10 years away, reinstalled quake and would love to play TF again, the original.

    Im trying to connect to the server, using ZelTF which appears to be EZQuake. I get the following error when trying to connect:

    Host Error CLS.Downloadmethod != DL_QwChunks

    Can you help me out?


    • OneManClan

      Hi Felipe.
      Please follow the instructions (above) for “2. EZQuake”, or (preferably) install FTE (download it from the link provided). Let us know if there are any probs.

  • Felipe

    Also, cant connect to the FTP. Wrong login/password

    • OneManClan

      Not sure what ftp you;re referring to. If you’re referring to the links on this page, they don’t require a login/password. If you’re referring to game demos, the fte server has changed, and demos will now be available on, which doesn’t require logins or passwords to download (AFAIK).

  • Felipe

    Thanks for the reply,

    The host error that I´ve reported was caused after following the #2 Installation Instruction. Ive copied the supplied file to /fortress directory. The FTE .exe file is halted by AVG, which acuses some sort of virus within it. Im under W7 64bits.

    It appears that it refuses to download, or is refused to download by the host any file what so ever.

    It start downloading the map and some other random file, but halts immediately after.

    The ftp I´d mentioned is the one listed ingame, as soon as one connects to the AGR qw server, which says: downloading from the ftp is 5x faster, something like that.

    Anyway, its good to know that people is still playing qw tf. I have so many great memories from the time spent there.

    • OneManClan

      I suppose I could provide a zip version, but noone else has had this issue, so it makes more sense for you to configure/bypass/disable AVG so it lets you download the fteglqw.exe.

      Re: “It start downloading the map..but halts immediately after”.. I don’t know what you mean; the only thing that downloads maps is the client, which you say AVG won’t let you download..

      re ftp: I’d ignore that message

  • Felipe

    Im having problems mainly downloading sound files. I could connect during the week, ag4 was detected. I duplicated a random sound file to whatever name was needed. It worked.

    Today I can´t connect anymore

  • Felipe

    The .bsps download just fine. Problems are with .wavs only.

  • Wolverine

    Hi OMC,

    I just tried connecting, I’ve downloaded the latest ezquake client and agrv4.pk3

    I’ve downloaded a couple of the .mdls as well which ‘George’ posted aswell, as I am also experiencing the
    host_error: cos.downloadmethod ! =dl_qwchunks

    Now I can’t download the map thats being played on the server, desertf3.bsp

    I have been playing qwtf for the past 15 years in New Zealand.

    • OneManClan

      Hey Wolverine,

      One ‘trick’ is to just ignore the “qwchunks” error, just keep reconnecting till you get all the new files (yes, one by one), but this doesn’t always work – if it keeps downloading the same file, this is because windows 7 doesn’t want to write (unauthorised) things into C:\Program Files. As a result, downloads start, finish, but are never written, so they just start again.

      One solution, which only recently has been brought to my attention, is to make a new directory C:\PROGS, and install clients there. This prevents Win7interference with files being downloaded. In future, I’ll be recommending this for installing FTE as well. Talking of FTE, download it, connect, get playing, and then you can always experiment with getting older clients to work later!

  • sapphired

    FTE 4536 24 November 2013 with crappy charset not possible to change at all, chat unreadable – plz Spike bring back old verion with normal charset.

    WinXp32 sp3, Realtek ALC888 Audio Codec (Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip (Including Microsoft UAA Driver in English edition)) motherboard GA-M55S-S3 (old)

    I like FTE but cannot use it at all from last version – it crashes just before rocket launcher starts to fire and it is only while being on AGR (OMC tf) server and russian EZH Custom TF server. I tryed at Mega tf server and locally – all fine = no crahes.

    Double checked all ‘rocker.wav’ files, tryed tons of configuration, tryed this “If you do, type ‘”snd_mixerthread 0″ at the console. If”, installed fresh audio driver..every time i’m on OMC tf server and Rocket fires fte crahes, also it crashed randomly on Sentry gun fire and some other sounds.

    Crashes and crashed and crashes.

    • OneManClan

      Re: ‘Unreadable Characters’, try options->graphics options, and adjusting the ‘2D mode’ setting, and the size (just underneath) setting.

      Re: Crashing every time you fire(?).. hmm. Well, try:

      1. make sure you have the latest FTE
      2. Have you been changing/replacing sounds? Maybe try loading them all up from scratch(?)
      3. Are there any error messages?
      4. If all else fails, contact me and I’ll give you a special debug version of FTE which might (will!) tell us what the prob is with your system.

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