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Double Premiere: Throwable Axes + Rock2 Alternative Entrance

Hi all!!

A certain player wrote to me during the week, asking why his registration to the AGR Forum hadn’t been processed/approved. I looked into it, and well.. I might as well share my response to him:

“You know, I used to get an email asking me to approve forum registrations, and I stopped getting them… I assumed interested had waned.. but I looked into the actual admin control panel, and there there was a LIST of ppl (including YOU) waiting be approved! Ugh!! ANyway, I fixed it and approved those whose names I recognised, so all should be ok now (jeez!)”

So.. well..  a BIG APOLOGY to all the people who registered, got no response and (gasp) possibly thought they were being ignored by ol OMC!!  So what happened? Well I only know the basics of phpbb, it’s not the most intuitive of programs, and at some point w the endless updates, they must have changed … something. Anyway, I went through the list of ‘pending’ and approved those whose names I recognise. The rest I assume were spam.. if you’re still waiting for reg approval, you might be one of them so get in touch w me and let me know your playername. This matters because I don’t want trolls, unknowns, or anyone who isn’t a player voting in polls etc Talking of polls, there weren’t many ‘yes’es in the Full Weapon Disclosure Poll,  so I’ve shelved it .. for now. While we’re at it, there’s also the Throwable Axes Poll. What throwable Axes? THESE throwable axes:

Throwable Axes are HERE! Are they a good idea? Are they a bad idea? Are they here to stay? Will there be bugs? How exactly will they work? How exactly should they work? Here’s my thoughts:

Note to self: When you axe a player in the head, you really should SEE the AXE …IN THEIR HEAD!!

As I said in the vid, this is a terrific idea [Credit: Jonan]. You know after I made the vid above, I’ve decided this is SO GOOD, I CAN’T WAIT, so I’m gonna do it , now, tonight!!

See you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: People who like entering places using alternative entrances.

Why: To explore different tunnels.

MAP SCHEDULE: engw2 (loved this map but the name is instantly forgettable!),  rock2 (tunnel entrance)

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