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Full Weapon Disclosure

Hi all

Man, I was so concentrating on my drive n chat, I missed my turnoff, and ended up driving for another 5 minutes before I realised that the shops and service stations I was looking at were not on my regular route! So.. I did a U turn (‘hook turn’ in the US?) and backtracked, and ughh, anyway I cut that bit out! Here’s the bit that counts:

0:00 The beauty of Timestamps
 0:49 Talk about non AGR topics (the virus?), or not? 
 3:35 Road Repair Scam? 
 5:00 Should players know other player's class details - ie "Full Weapon Disclosure"? 11:55 Secret project to be revealed soon 
 12:42 Wuhan Flu "Self Isolation" = perfect time for a BGM resurrection?

So… as discussed in my chat – should players be able to tell what the other players are carrying. Maybe it should be considered a ‘power’ and incorporated into some skill/ weapon? I simply don’t know… What do you think? You don’t? Well, have a think, and give your opinion. Here’s a poll for you.


Ok, it turns out that tyhe world is indeed as globe, and it’s daylight savings time – that time where I remind people that the reason the Sessions are held in 23:00GMT, is because it’s the only way that AGRmaniacs around the world can meet at the exact same time, eliminating any daylight savings confusion. Tonight Australians set their clocks BACK 1 hour. So for me, the Weekly AGR Session will start one hour EARLIER – ie 9am. Heres a link  In any case, if you log onto the AGR Server into the th_15 map, there will be a display telling you ‘how long to go’ till the session starts for YOU.

See you soon at the:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: Did I tell you about the zulu girl I used to go out with? We really got along well. We used to talk for hours!

Why: We just clicked.

MAP SCHEDULE: Canyon + ?? Something BIG and Intense! 

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