Return of the Weekly Chats

Hi all!

Hope you’re all doin’ great, and enjoying the very interesting times we live in. I’m sure the current situation will be something we will talk to our grandkids about. If we survive. Which I’m sure we will. Yes really. In any case this seems a perfect time to focus our attention on something more abstract, something more eternal, something stable, reliable, and somethign you can depend on. Of course I’m talking about the Weekly AGR Sessions!!

Before we get to that,  yes, it’s been a while since I released a Drive & a chat, I have a few I never uploaded (as explained below), but here’s one I did yesterday!!



Hm.. noisy in car -audio, but hey – unscripted and RAW! Are you subscribed to AGRMania?

THE END OF THE adonis_paradise EMAIL
I finally did it, send an email tio the AGR Mailing List from my email. I never trusted yahoo.. especially after that hack years ago.. from now on ALL emails will be from nice, secure, reliable, me at  – finally!!

I intend to get back to regular videos, and also there’s been some new stuff OBS, and other new technology, so some new and different videos. I haven’t coded for like 2 months, but there was a tremendous amount of stuff 90% done , behind the scenes, and I intend to release it at some stage. some never before seen stuff that will hopefully blow peoples minds, and yes fill the server. That’s the plan anyway. More details next week.

Ok, well I was asked to make an AGR discord channel, and it’s fun, though to be honest, I’m not convinced of its’ worth re: bringing in a whole new bunch of players. So far .. not really. I should have known because there’s already a bunch of Quake related discord channels with HEAPS of ‘members’ (?) but (basically) no players. In any case, it is ‘live’, and I hope to keep it ‘players only’, so if you’re so inclined, pop in for a chat, the link is HERE. When it comes to a serious discussion of all things AGR however, I prefer the the AGR Forum, and when 23:00GMT comes around every weekend, I expect all AGR Electronic Athletes to heed the call of the:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You

Why: If you’ve played before, you know why.

MAP SCHEDULE: I have no idea [editing this page right now]

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