Premiere: AGR Decals!

Hey people!!!

It’s been over a month since my last pre-match chat, so lets get straight into it:

Ever wanted to damage walls? I’m talkin’ scorchmarks, bullet holes, fire damage, you get the idea. Anyway, starting tomorrow *drum roll* …. you CAN! Check it out:

So far we have bulletholes, Blast damage, and laser damage. BIG THANKS to Spike for helping to make it happen. If all goes well tomorrow (ie technically), there’ll be more next week, possibly including  blood splattered on walls (ugh). [Note to self: maybe add a ‘user setting’ so sensitive people can adjust/disable it]. [Note to self 2: Or … .. f**k ’em! ;)]

I need to do more *action* videos, ie as opposed to audio only. Why? Well, because frankly, they get more views. People want to *see* stuff, ie actual moving images on youtube, rather than listen to ol OMC. Who’d have thunk it? Ok, truth be told, I’ll probably continue doing the raw, one take, ‘podcast’ style ones, because they are raw, from the heart, easy to make, and I do try to keep them short, and hopefully interesting. Also I *do* label them “drive&chat” videos, so ppl can decide if they want to watch or not. Anyway, aside from the ‘in the car’ ones (which, I suppose I *could* film the street as I drive?), I’ll try to make more ‘action’ ones. Not only live games, but the promised AGR introduction/trailer, which is my next priority.

Rampaholic, and The Plank
Testing is over, and while these maps have already been played a few times, they never got an ‘official premiere’. Do they need one? I say “yes’, because I think they are genuinely ‘different’, and deserve it, so I’ll have an official ‘grand opening’ soon. The weird thing is that I spent heaps of time on Rampaholic (12 revisions?), but the Plank, (which took 1 day?) has superior/unique/ interesting gameplay. Rampaholic is a little too.. I dunno .. ‘unfocused’? I’m not happy about the laser floor on the 3rd level, it seems.. ‘contrived’/unnatural. And the Flag Room is a little ‘boring’.. it’s an interesting map, but no particular ‘fantastic’ bits, no place where blue can ‘dominate’, so the gameplay (so far) has been a little chaotic. A great AGR map should have a moment where red is truly *stuck*, hmm.. I’ll have another look at what can be improved.

There’s some weirdness w the BGM, so until further notice, don’t use it. If you’re new to AGR and have no idea what the BGM is, err, just forget I said anything, ok? I’ll explain more next week, when everything should (will!) be ok.


Meanwhile, see you at this week’s:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: People who want to see the damage they cause on walls!

Why: Fun.

MAP SCHEDULE: sewer1j, ??

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