The Red Challenge

Hi all.

LOOK OUT RED! After many YEARS of Blue (that includes ol’ OMC 90% of the time) struggling, stressing, and pushing ourselves to the limit, I’ve finally sat down and tried to make a map which unapologetically poses a challenge for Red. That’s right. Scared? You should be. On the other hand AGR attracts all sorts of Macho Men, with their accompanying egos, so, you TF Superheroes, here’s where you get to show off, and prove that you DO have the talent and tenacity to cap the uncappable, the skill to beat seemingly insurmountable odds. You want bragging rights? Well, here’s your chance.  The Ultimate Red Challenge. [Seriously though, I’m excited about a new type of  ‘vibe’ for AGR, the ‘who has the guts to go red’ vibe. Yes, I have an ego too, and look forward to (for once) going Red, guilt free!!]

Here’s a walkthrough I did a few days ago of a brand new map ‘the heist’, which has been specifically left untextured, and unrefined (as described in my “grey box testing” video). I anticipate will be changed over and over, based on player feedback (that’s YOU) and real world results. As always the objective is to make it a ‘challenge, but not an ordeal‘. We did playtest it earlier today, and ideas for improvements have already arrived!


I did a Drive & Chat w ol OMC, but it’s pretty rambly, so feel free to skip bits using the timestamps, or (if you’re bored and want to take a drive w ol’ OMC), listen to the whole thing, as I talk AGR stuff (including the Red Challenge Map idea) while trying to figure out how to get to the Melbourne beachside suburb of Williamstown while talking, drinkin’ frappe coffee, and not crashing.



See, I TOLD you it was a ramble. The view counts will let me know if ppl like/hate these unscripted chats, on the other hand, even if they get 10 views, those 10 viewers might LOVE them, so, I’m gonna just play it by ear for now.
[“play something by ear” proceed instinctively according to results and circumstances rather than according to rules or a plan]


Yes, th_13k-signs is the latest version of the ‘After Hours’ Map, specifically made for those who stumble on the server mid week. I’ve made some interesting ‘additions’ to the next version of this map, some real surprises.. some surprise guests, some secret places, and there’s room for more crazy ideas. I’ve also put (finally) a teleporter at (what is supposed to be) the ‘exit’ room, which takes you to the next level, or maybe a menu where you get to choose a map. Anyway, I’ve been too busy w heist to test it properly, so hopefully it will be here next week


Ok King-Of-Ping has been complaining about bots and bandwidth issues. I think it’s because the bots (before promotion) shoot nails, and each individual nail has to be networked. Noone else has complained, and KOP is notorious for his PING issues. however .. bots *are* kind of weak, and ..maybe… they should start off w shotgun. If that proves too deadly, we’ll weaken them some other way. Not only does that solve the bandwidth issues, but shotgun hits affect bunny-hopping players. There is also an ‘FTE only’  CSQC solution, but that would make the nails invisible for those using older clients. Otoh, maybe they don’t care.. hmmm.


Anyway, see you all at this tomorrow’s:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You dude, you.

Why: Because you deserve it.

MAP SCHEDULE: sewer1j, 2mfield4, and possible (premiere) heist

4 comments to The Red Challenge

  • Jonan

    There was that old QWTF fix for nail guns / nails, where you lower the rate of fire, but increase the damage per nail. Half as many come out, but they do double damage, for example.

  • Decimmus

    OMC you are really a potato head and never learn, is a stupid and bad idea switch maps in the middle of a game then server die idiot retard.

    • OneManClan

      1. 2brave1 is a massive map which (because someone had requested it) I said “lets try this for 20 mins and see how we go”
      2. It ended up 80% red players and a capfest started
      3. Reds refused to switch
      4. Based on the score, lack of players going red, and the unfairness of expecting Blue to either wear themselves out on a mission impossible, or just let red cap, I decided to switch maps, because all AGR games should feel winnable by Blue, and Reds should feel ‘thwarted’ to some extent.

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