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2fortember 2018

First of all, for those who are new here (welcome) and have no idea wtf is going on, please check out the Rock2ober FAQ. Back? Ok, 2fortember is exactly like that except the map is 2fort5r! Clear? Ok, lets continue:


Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans,

Rock2ober 2018 ROCKED – and now lets see if we can finish the year off with a BANG as we attempt to create another LEGEND, another MONSTER, and create the (second) BIGGEST Q1 TF game of the year! This is the THIRD annual 2fortember event, the annual get together where we attempt to fill a Quakeworld server w 32 players like days of yore. The big question is, will 2fortember get the 32 Rock2ober 2018 failed to get?!? Can 32 players be done in 2018? There’s only one way to find out. So get ready for TF insanity, AGR style, at this years:


What: 2fortember 2018


When: Sunday December 22nd 2017, at 23:00GMT. Find out what time that is for YOU, HERE.

Who: A: People who played at Rock2ober and want MORE! B: People who didn’t play at Rock2ober and want MORE!

Why: Because it might be your last chance to play in a 32 player game!

2fort5r: Spamadellica mode (team+mirror damage = OFF)


Make sure you download the latest client, connect to the server (to download all the files), and register BEFORE Saturday, because on the day, the AGR tech support department will be CLOSED! The time to make sure your system is 100% is NOW. Contact me if you have any issues.

If you are in touch with any old skool players please send them this link. Whether we get to play in a 32 player game in 2018 is up to YOU! Meanwhile I’ll contact Facebook, and other Quake related websites tomorrow. If you know of any sites, where ppl might be interested, the time to SPAM IT UP, is NOW!! 🙂

Premiere: Bots guarding the flag!
 The madness continues as OMC becomes obsessed with making the ultimate bot. How obsessed? On a way to a party full of hot celebrities, all he can think of is AGR:


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