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12th August 2017: OOPS! I just sent an email to the AGR Mailing List with link to last week’s page, ie the one you are on right now.. If you’re here for the “New Damage Display” chat, click HERE!

Yes I know I’ve made Intermission maps, and the elevator one, but this is my first attempt at an actual 100% AGR map. Not sure how long it will take till it’s ready, but here are my thoughts while I’m (1/2 way?) in the middle of it.



Not sure if players are interested in this stuff, but for years now, I’ve been making short little videos everytime I need to explain something to other members of the AGR team. I’ve kept them ‘unlisted’, because they wont make sense to anyone, BUT recently I’ve started to make them available to the public. I don’t actually promote them here, or mention them in my emails, but anyone subscribed to AGRMania channel on youtube gets an alert. They are interesting snippets of weird and wonderful things that go wrong, tests, and things that are still in development. I’ve started putting “AGR DEV” in the title so ppl know this is NOT me talking or explaining anything, just a weird, random video of something I’m working on. On one hand I’m hesitating because it might ‘ruin the magic’ offering a behind the scenes of how AGR is made, otoh they might have an entertainment value, and ppl have already told me that they’re enjoying them, so .. hey.. why not. Latest is a brief test of a new intermission map, where I’m trying to make a realistic ocean – see – did I just give away too much? Did I spoil the surprise? Or was this more of a teaser .. will interest GROW as a result of showing the ugly, weird, and comical adventures behind ‘the making of’ AGR?

AGRv5 Speed improvements?
I’m not sure how noticeable they will be, but over the last few weeks I’ve been optimising some code, so (hopefully) you’ll notice an improvement in AGRs performance, especially when there’s heaps of players. Stuff like the flagsprite (which was done at the server end) will now be done on peoples own computers. Lets see how much of a difference it makes.

Well, the GOOD NEWS is that noone has complained, some ppl have said ‘cool’, and it hasn’t unbalanced the sacred AGR gameplay. The BAD NEWS (not really, I’m just being dramatic) is that few people have tried it, so we’ve hardly seen it in action. It doesn’t cause damage, and the thrower doesn’t SEE the enemy being blinded (which would have an entertainment value). I admit, I haven’t used it much .. mainly because I have set classes and techniques I use, and the AGR Sessions are so intense, I haven’t had a ‘casual moment’ to try something new. Maybe I’ll add some kind of visual, something ‘cool’ the thrower could see to let them know “I GOT HIM!”

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: AGR addicts who don’t want to be cured.

Why: BecauseĀ it’s that good.

MAP SCHEDULE: ditch2, .

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