Rock2ober 2016


What: Rock2ober  2016

When: Saturday October 29th 2016, at 23:00GMT. Find out what time that is for YOU, HERE.


How: (newbies) Follow connection instructions!

Who: People who want to play in a a 32 player Quakeworld TF game, and become part of TF history.

Why: Read the LONG VERSION (below), watch the Rock2ober 2015 Movie, and if you still need to ask, please seek urgent psychiatric treatment.

1. rock2 (65 minutes)

2. intermission (10 minutes)

2. rock2 (65 minutes) SPAMADELLICA MODE (Team damage off, mirror damage off)



Men and women of the Q1 TF world,

Rock2ober 2016 is upon us! If you’re new here, and have never heard of Rock2ober – stop reading,  check out the Rock2ober FAQ, and watch the videos from last years Rock2ober 2015 Movie (part 1), and it’s spectacular prequel, Rock2ober 2014 Movie (Part 2). Ok, back?

Once again, the entire AGR playerbase all gathers at the same time, in the same place, to battle it out at the worlds biggest Q1 Team Fortress event. Whether you’re a devoted AGR Maniac, a dabbler, or if you just love your Team Fortress anyway you can get it, this is your chance to make history, and experience Rock2ober in all its Gory Glory:

32 players!

120 minutes!

16 vs 16!





The Weekly AGR Sessions have going for 8 YEARS STRAIGHT. Rock2ober 2016 will probably be a 20+ player game, but … will get crack 32?  Is it possible? To make this happen, I’m once again reaching out to the wider world of TF players. Maybe you who are reading this prefer Vanilla TF, Classic CustomTF, MegaTF, CTF, or TWCTF, but for an event this big, I know  all TF players, of ALL genres will want to be there. Yea, yea, AGR is ‘different’ but hey, the core idea is ‘Blue defends flag’ / ‘Red captures flag’, so anyone who has ever played Team Fortress will be up to speed in no time. So, don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to play in a 32 player game in 2016, ok? YOU can help make this happen by spreading the word about Rock2ober 2016 to EVERY Quake player you know, current and retired. First. tell them to warm up by watching the promos for Rock2ober 2010, and Rock2ober 2011. Awesome stuff, and once their blood starts pumping, tell ’em to sit right down, and feast on last years action, in the blockbuster Rock2ober 2015 Movie part1, and its prequel: Rock2ober 2014 Movie Part 2!!

Traditionally, we’ve used ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. These days however, AGR has built in voip, so use it.

Demos will be available for download, check the comments section below (those Registered get on the AGR Mailing List and get an email notification), and the AGRMania youtube channel for details to follow.

OMC’s tip: Spread the word about Rock2ober!!!

There will be a number of downloads, so connect to the server early!

The pipers will be there, AND MORE!! Get in early!!

Since Rock2ober will be held a week later than has been the case in years gone by, I believe daylight savings will not be an issue, I think that some changes are happening this week in Europe, anyway please check the link above. Ugh ok, ok, I’ll repeat it HERE.

In the chance we DO get 32 players(!), it *probably* won’t stay at 32 for long, so just reconnect.

“Ok, but I don’t have Quake anymore, and don’t know / remember where to get the client!”. Go here.

“I’m not really an AGR player” and/or  “It’s been so long, I dont remember how to play!”. Go here.

“Ok, but I’m married, and my wife doesn’t approve of me playing computer games.” Go here.

Let’s make this happen people. If you love Quake1 team fortress, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed games which leave you utterly exhausted, and ecstatic and exhilarated, keep October 24th 23:00GMT free!
Looking forward to seeing you there,

ps Download the files you’ll need here.
pps If you’re not on the mailing list, make sure you register!

3 comments to Rock2ober 2016

  • OneManClan

    An AMAZING Rock2ober!
    Added new vid at the top – done minutes after Rock2ober 2016!!

  • I played on red team all 3 matches but I gotta say it was awesome to play 3 consecutive matches on Rock2 – that first match was an absolute blood bath of blue team gibs and rapid captures – King of ping and KenTheModder were on fire and the rest of us were just walking all over blue’s defence! Second match was probably my favourite though as red started off with a pretty big lead and then blue got their shit together and finally started defending how it should be but red just edged it at the end and got the last couple of vital caps. Third match though was a bit of a shambles from red (personally I’m blaming tiredness as it was already 3am by that point for me and I was losing it aim-wise!) but it was still a great game and thoroughly enjoyable! Cheers for putting this event on, OneManClan – makes me happy that there are still a reasonable group of us out there who can get together for a few epic games like this on a regular basis! GGs to everyone that took part – it was epic and I’m still knackered now from that 90minute slug-fest of a 3rd match! =D

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