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Rock2ober 2012

Men and women of Quake

As every AGR fan knows, every year a call goes out to ALL the remaining Quakeworld Team Fortress fans in the world, in an attempt to gather you all in one place, at one time, to play the most massive game of rock2 EVER. We managed 26/32 in 2008 , we finally succeeded in 2009(!!!) and achieved 32/32, the biggest Q1 game for YEARS. We (almost) succeeded AGAIN in 2010, and AGAIN(?) in 2011, when 30+ (?) players got to experience the power, the magic, the indescribable intensity of Rock2ober. Well get ready to answer the call, because history calls your name.. (can you hear it?) If you’re reading these words, you should be feeling your heart pounding a little faster as you realise that … the biggest TF game of the year is HERE!

32 players

120 minutes

16 vs 16


Can 32/32 be experienced in 2012..? Is the interest still there..? The dedication? The *passion*..?  The players? I say – YES!!! The amazing Weekly AGR Sessions STILL occasionally attract 20+ players every week, and plenty of old skool players have already expressed their interest in Rock2ober 2012. A few new players have stumbled across the Weekly AGR Sessions, so 32/32 again IS possible!! Once again, I’ll need your help though. Once again, to achieve the target of 32/32, I’m reaching out to the wider world of TF players. Maybe some of you reading this play MegaTF, CTF, or TWCTF, but for an event this big, I KNOW all TF players will be interested. Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to play in a 32 player game – get in early – or risk being told “server full”! YOU can help make this happen by spreading the word about Rock2ober 2012 to EVERY Quake player you know, current and retired. At least tell them to watch the ‘Rock2ober’ vids on youtube: Rock2ober Promo 2010 and Rock2ober Promo 2011. Man, I watched these AGAIN today, and they STILL get my blood pumping! So let’s do it:

What: Rock2ober


When: Saturday 27th October, 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Everyone.

Why: Do you need to ask?

1. rock2 (65 minutes)

2. rock2 (65 minutes) SPAMADELLICA MODE


We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired,Rock2ober will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: Spread the word about Rock2ober, there are still slots left!!!

There will be a number of downloads, so get in early!

Prematch will be  5 minutes, due to a special event being held in Blue’s yard. Can the Red players please go to Blues yard at this time.

Since Rock2ober will be held a week later than has been the case in years gone by, I believe daylight savings will not be an issue, I think that some changes are happening this week in Europe, anyway please check.

If you haven’t registered yet,  check your schedule, and contact me at: I’ll send you a confirmation email. In fairness to those who register, non registered players will be kicked in the event we reach 32/32. Get in quick, so you don’t miss out!

“Ok, but I don’t have Quake anymore, and don’t know / remember where to get the client!”. Go here.

“Ok, but I haven’t got CustomTF installed, where do I get the files?”. Go  here.

“Ok, but I’m married, and my wife doesn’t approve of me playing computer games.” Go here.

“Um, I have no idea what I’m doing on this site, err… what’s this rock2ober thing you speak of?” Here’s the AGR FAQ

Let’s make this happen people. If you love Quake, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed games which leave you exhausted, and exhilarated, email me NOW and secure your place in this very very special event!
Looking forward to seeing you there,


14 comments to Rock2ober 2012

  • psychopheles

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stand in my way that will prevent me from attending this year! WHOO! See y’all there

  • sapphired

    Yesterday we were training tactics with StanTheMan and KOP on new intermission map and Rock2.

    We play 1st match on D with Stan the Man and we already trained our mini squad tactics, team work and stuff, also customized classes done. And we need true ENGI to make us spy detection camera.

    OMC, u?
    KOP u?
    may be…Doc?

  • Wolfgang

    Going to a party so can’t make this as it will be midnight for me when the game starts. Really wish I could make it as I’ve never missed any of the Rock2ober’s in the past. See you for the regular AGR session on Sunday though!

  • OneManClan

    it was amazing… I am still speechless. Demos are up!!

  • sapphired

    And we did it!!! Rock2October 2012 played! Such action. Feel so happy after session.

    Intense tf action of 22 TF hipsters.
    It was EPIC, watching demos right now.

    Rock2October is magic holyday for all TF hipsters all around the planet.

    1st match: 10 vs 10
    Overall: 9/10 (epic)
    MWP/ men of the match blue: Xound, StanTheMan, Cosmic
    MWP/ men of the match red: Navigator, KOP, OMC

    All players perfomed well. Crashd match wasnot o good and WTF Stan i told u pipe entry where u been, so retarded but 1st full match we (D) show em, Stan u were on the right spots, 3 demomans (one is flying cosmic), solder bots, HWG all all from blues side your were EPIC. Good teamplay using vent we did quick Dangerius enemy tele termnation, smaching down stupid K.O.P’s class with 300 red all types armour tanky jackass no weapon – did 2 flags for red. We stop them everywhere. Double chaplan is epic fail for red shoing that THEY have NOTHING to do againts EPIC blue guyz. Score was like 8-4. Both sides gg play.

  • Beltan

    Watched the demos, keeping a close eye on the snipers.

    The closest I came to jumping out of my chair and screaming “FUCKING CHEATING AUTOAIMING BITCH!” was when Decimus popped someone fisting across the water. It had to be a guess, there wasn’t time for his brain to process a reaction. So congrats, Decimus, you lucky bastard 😛 I jumped around a lot and I am happy to see that there was tough action almost everywhere and I didn’t really see anything suspicious during Rock2Ober 2012 (other than that shot by Decimus).

    Though Doc seems to be a terrible human being IRL, I highly approve of his camping very effectively in red’s base. He made it unusual for the attackers to get a good solid push going TOGETHER- although the blame for not pushing together still always lies with the red team themselves.

    I enjoyed jumping between everyone and seeing what was going on all over the place. My favorite moment: From a sniper’s perspective, seeing myself come out of nowhere and tear into him with the medaxe until he puked his guts out. A fun place to watch is the Warden’s office hallway, tons of carnage there!

    Not sure why a couple of the .MVDs wouldn’t let me view from all the players (I couldn’t view the action from my perspective until part 2).

    Great games, everyone.

    • sapphired

      gg wp Beltan

      Yeah Doc’s camping is effective as long as retarded players dont buy spawn protection (prolonged by OMC in 2011 to avoid Docs spawn rage sabotaging).

      With spawn protection Doc looks like CLOWN, just passed him by with smiley face/ Attention whore=)

      Anyway nice played. And we nice played next day on bedlam/fcast/2fort5 maps. TF hipsters still alive.

  • Skab

    I wish I could have attended this year, but due to being in the middle of the FUCKING OCEAN has prevented me. Stupid hurricanes. Regardless I’d love to see the MVD’s once compiled. NEXT DAMNITT!!

  • sapphired

    “EPIC” – AGR custom teamfortress promo by Sappired
    Based on Rock2October 2012 TF-ers festival
    We playing 15 years.
    Epic commnity
    Join us at, we play every Sundays 22-00 GTM

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