Rock2ober 2016: The timeslot!!!

Hi all.

The time slot for Rock2ober 2016 is one week LATER than the one proposed last week. It will be:

Saturday October 29th 2016, at 23:00GMT. Find out what time that is for YOU, HERE.

Note: If you cannot make it, if you prefer Sunday, if you prefer it to be an hour later, if you need it one hour earlier, if there’s ANYTHING that might prevent you being there (and on TIME!), the time to speak up is NOW!!! Leave your comments below!!


As discussed last week, I have not been happy with the name ‘Big Game Maker’ / ‘BGM’ for this amazing tool for gamers. After much, much thought, I’ve decided to go with “The AGR Alarm”. It’s an *alarm* … and it’s ‘USP’ (‘Unique Selling Point’) IS the alarm, the fact that you can “set it and forget it”, and it RINGS… so calling it the “AGR Alarm” not only makes sense, is easier to understand, it also promotes the strongest ‘value’ of the concept itself. Beltan actually independently came up with same title, so it *has* to be good. I’ve already set up:

Ok, I’ve salvaged files from the f**ked hard drive, reconstructed those that were lost, and post production is in full swing. The movie will premiere next weekend (22nd October), for SURE!

Meanwhile, get ready for two days of TF insanity at this weekend’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 19:00 EST/ 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: People with diaries

Why: So you can write down ‘Rock2ober 2016’

MAP SCHEDULE: 2night2 & blue1??

5 comments to Rock2ober 2016: The timeslot!!!

  • Beltan

    Good games last night.

    Played some defense, and on 2 Kingdoms I was building teslas. I love when they finally get upgraded, but it takes a long time, and there are so many ways for it to get destroyed in just a moment that it just feels devastating every time you lose one.
    I barely had time to get a tesla rebuilt and make it invisible (0/0/0) before the red spies would get back to the flag room and start throwing mirvs everywhere.
    I’m not sure which answer would be better: Cheaper upgrades so that a tesla’s death isn’t so time-consuming, or stronger teslas so that it takes a little more effort and time to destroy them. I think there should be a change to them, though, because as it stands they aren’t worth the time cost imho.

    • OneManClan

      Yea, some really intense AGR action yesterday.

      The death of an upgraded Tesla always hurts. As always there’s the challenge of balancing the engineers desire to create a ‘Super Tesla’, with Reds desire to have a realistic chance of killing it. And yes, Spies (and thieves) w mirvs make live very difficult (who says you cant start of a sentence with ‘and’!).

      One recent change I’ve made is that enemy engineers cannot dismantle Tesla’s anymore, only disable them (for 60 seconds IIRC). So an enemy with a spanner can’t ‘remove’ a fully hacked Tesla in an instant. Of course Martyrs with Cracs are always gonna be an issue, but again, they have the vulnerability that you get a few seconds of their scream before the invulnerability kicks in to kill them.

      One of the ‘answers’ (of course) is teamwork. Use prematch / intermissions to get a teammate to agree to bodyguard you (and the Tesla). Let me know next time, I’ll do it!

  • Beltan

    and I’ll be at Rock2ober if at all possible.


    Ill be there

  • OneManClan

    Not a single person has said that they prefer Sunday(30th October), so it looks like Saturday (29th October) IS the date. I’ll start sending posts around the Quake world tomorrow, so if ANYONE cannot make Saturday, you have 24 hours to speak up!!!

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