Premiere: The Attackers Go Red Installer


Finally, after years and YEARS, Attackers Go Red has a proper installer, so those of you who have had any sort of issues/hesitation/confusion about how to play AGR with its (amazing) Official Client have NO MORE EXCUSES to join those of us who are LOVING the 2018 AGR TF experience !!! Yes, finally, a one step solution to the ‘how do i install AGR?’ question. Not only does this install all the fines you need, it autoupdates, so you’ll always be up to date! And no more excuses, because this runs in a separate folder, and has nothing to do with any other mods, configs, or files from any other game. I’m really excited, because it finally feels like AGR has joined the BIG BOYS!!!  Download it here! Note: If you’re already using FTE and everything is installed/working/ configured 100%, you can still install this in a separate folder just to check it out/test, it will NOT affect your current install.

Cant decide what to do with those last few hundreds you have left over after customising? Relax, just exit, and the money will go towards health, up to a maximum of 100 extra, ie maximum health can now be … 200!. Too much? Too little? Lets see what the gameplay says. Its about 10 health points for each $500.

The bots have had a complete rewrite (FUN FACT: sometimes a complete rewrite is EASIER than editing/understanding existing code!)  It’s an experimental time, and there might be some extra options for your army bot you can try though.. Some of it is experimental, and not er.. 100% tested .. so  your bot might act in weird ways you don’t understand. Note: only available on some maps. Currently: rock2, caverns, laser2, spit, flib10b, bam4.

Meanwhile, soon you later today, at this week’s



When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You

Why: To see what difference an extra 20 of health can make.

MAP SCHEDULE: dune1, canyon, 2mfield4

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