Multiple Army Waypoints, Idlers, and Lockdown Walls

Hi all! I got an email from a non-regular (‘irregular’?) player on the AGR Mailing List asking if the Weekly AGR Sessions are still on(!?). I just *assumed* that everyone knows the answer is “YES!!!!”, but now I realise that other more casual attendees might not realise that the AGR Machine does NOT STOP, so.. I’ll make every effort to make sure I send something weekly, even if I’m rambling a little, as I am this week (out of practice dudes!):


The secret bot project is coming to an end. “What secret bot project?”. The one so secret I haven’t talked about it. It doesn’t even have a codename. “Project KingPin”? Those who have been watching the AGR DEV videos ( have you subscribed to the AGRMania youtube channel yet?) have already had a sneak preview, and I can tell you, I’m really excited (and nervous) about the premiere of these amazing bots. I was gonna do the premiere THIS week, but I still consider it a wip, but.. it seems safe… and tests ok.. and I’ve disabled many of the new ‘risky’ features. Risky ‘gameplay wise’, as well as ‘potential crash’ wise. Anyway, I figured there’s no avoiding the reality that there *will* be bugs, and I can always revert to an earlier version of AGR if something goes wrong, and I will ne introducing features of this new bot one at a time, so.. THIS WEEK I’ve decided to premiere what should be a ‘safe’ feature – Multiple Waypoints!! Instead of two waypoints, these NewBots have in fact … *drum roll*…  10 (!!):

Note: the bot waypoint menu has changed since the video above has made, and the bug you see at the end has been fixed. Let me know if the change of menu items is a problem/issue! The changes are:

“follow me” from 3 to 4,

“stay there” from 4 to 5, and

“use your waypoints” from 5 to 3.

It’s one of those situations where it looks better/more logical to have the waypoint stuff in positions 1-3, otoh, ppl have used the current menu for years so… your feedback welcome.

Finally, after multiple requests, from this week, players who go afk (and don’t put ‘afk’ or ‘brb’ at the end of their names) will be kicked, reconnected, and left at the ‘pick your team’ menu. If you’re going to go afk, please put brb or afk at the end of your name. (thanks to King-Of-Ping for nagging.. er,  mean reminding me to get this done). Also autoteam is disabled after pre match; this is so that if a player is afk when a map starts, they will no longer be assigned to a team (thanks to Jonan for pointing this out).

No, not regular walls, but the ‘lockdown’ walls, those which appear in some BIGGER maps  so they can be played by fewer players. This is a Jonan suggestion, and makes a lot of sense. The point of the Lockdown Walls is to minimise the entrances that Red can use, to make undefendable maps defendable, so why not make life easier for Blue? Also, the lockdown walls come up and down SLOWLY now, rather than just ‘appearing’. Note: For now, Blue can’t go through the walls while holding a melee weapon. It’s a coding thing, I’ll fix this during the week if I have time

If you have anti-scanner, the enemy security camera won’t report you. Enemy cameras can still *see* you (FTE only) but I’ll change this asap.



What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: TF Enthousiasts.

Why: Because you are one… aren’t you??


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