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Weekly AGR Session: 29th Jan 2012

Hey people!!!

The last few days have been hectic as many long term bugs have (finally) been fixed (details below), and work is progressing nicely towards the much awaited Intermission Map 3! It’s nearly here people!!! There will be a whole article devoted to it when the time comes, it’s been a saga, and there’s an amazing twist to the story which I did not expect.. Anyway, I don’t think it will be ready this week, but there will be PLENTY of other stuff to occupy us, frags, flags, ventrillo, a Classic lineup of maps, and seeing as it’s the last Sunday of the month, mirror-damage free, team-damage-free Spammadellic drama that can only be found at that En-suite of Enmity we call the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: People who want to play doomkeep1

Why: Because it’s been scheduled as map1!

NOTE: Today’s Session = SPAMADELLICA mode (Team Damage = off, Mirror Damage =off)
1. dkeep1 (50 minutes*)
Normally this map is a little frustrating because of all the team damage the design of the map makes inevitable, but with Spamadellica mode ON, I expect an amazing, brutal game.

2. rock2 (60 minutes*)
The Classic!

3. 2fort5r(60 minutes*)
The other Classic!

4. z7 (60 minutes*)
Yet another Classic!!

We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: Newbies please read the Terms and Conditions, and have a great game!

Yes, really. We had technical probs last week (sorry people), but they are (fingers crossed) fixed now! Faster downloads, and no more disconnections! The end of an era (thank goodness)

Ok, I didn’t discuss this publicly because there’s always (unfortunately) at least one dickhead around, but specs (who are basically non solid) could actually open doors. This has been fixed!

Original CustomTF code had a thing where if you are hacking, and the thing you are hacking is destroyed, you die. This hasn’t worked since AGR v2, but it has now finally been fixed – so be careful. When a machine is destroyed, all who are currently hacking it will DIE!

See you soon,


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