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New Years Day Destruction!


yES, hAPPY nEW yEAR EVERYONE, (sloppy use of capslock but it looks cool so i’ll leave it in), and WELCOME to the amazing 5th year of the Weekly AGR Sessions!!!!

Last weeks Session fell on the 25th, but Christmas didn’t seem to affect player numbers. This weeks game falls on Jan 1st, so one again I don’t know if people (US players) will be at celebrations or not – I’ll be there, like the obsessed TF addict I am. The holidays might mean we get extra players. Two of our players have babies now (!), and of course if they can’t make a Session or two it’s for a good cause, though one was playing w baby in arms (would LOVE to see a pic of that!). Of course the rest of us need to make an extra effort and breed, for it is only by creating (modified) copies of ourselves that we can guarantee the immortality of that Atrium of Atrocities called the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: TF players of the year 2012!!!

Why: Because I *still* need you in the RR.

1.bedlam12 [PREMIERE](50 minutes*)
Let’s try one more time! If any map maker has ent editing abilities greater than mine (probably everyone), please let me know, need to swap Red and Blue flags.

2. 2fort5r (60 minutes*)
Classic Start to the New Year.

3. Rock2 (60 minutes*)
Still kicking arse in 2012!!!

4. Canyon1/Oppose1 (60 minutes*)
YOU tell me!


We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: Remember: you can request your favourite map gets scheduled on a particular day, and timeslot!!

If you get this message it means 1. You changed your name, or 2. You changed ISP, or 3. You are on a different computer. I’ve been distracted lately mid-game w registration enquiries. Please connect to the server ahead of time, check that you get the “you are registered” message (usually displays when you respawn), and email me if there’s any issues. (If you don’t have my email it means you’re not on the AGR Mailing List)

Ok a few ultra newbies have complained that there isn’t a FAQ for complete newbies on this site, ie I assume you already know how to install a quakeworld client and connect, so if anyone knows of (or is willing to write) a beginners FAQ, please let me know.

Ok, it’s not ready yet, it’s actually it’s rather complicated technically, because things are *happening* in Intermission Map 3. I’m not going to give anything away yet, but I can say you have never seen anything like it, in any quake map before, ever! 🙂

Happy New Year and see you Sunday!!


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