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Weekly AGR Session: 25th December 2011

Well this is interesting – A Christmas Day Session… and the LAST SESSION FOR 2011!!

…. but will anyone show? I’m cool because Sunday 22:00 GMT is Monday morning 9am in Melbourne, so Christmas will be over.. but for the Americans.. it will be Sunday afternoon/evening.. and most of you reading these words live in the good ol’ USA.. so… shall we postpone this Session? Shall we break w years of tradition? Shall we let religious activity/cynical marketing ploys interfere with our own divine, and eternal struggle?


So I’ll be there, and the outcasts, loners, or those estranged from their families can gain comfort, connection, and Christmas cheer, at that place of fun family vibes we all know as the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Good Christian folk.

Why: Because Santa will be there, red rocket launcher in hand!

1.bedlam12 [PREMIERE](50 minutes*)
This week for sure!

2. TBA (60 minutes*)
Something Christmassey??

3. TBA(60 minutes*)
Something baby Jesus would approve of

4. TBA (60 minutes*)
Something to make Santa grin


We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: If you have any tips of your own, let me know, and I’ll put it in this slot, as [YOUR NAME]’s TIP!!

After receiving player feedback (thanks Haze!) I’ve adapted the grenade so that the ‘cover’ from snipers is based on actual smoke puffs, rather than where the grenade landed. Let’s see how it works in practice.

Only registered players are counted in the ‘voting population’, so nonamers can’t affect the voting.

Merry Christmas and (maybe) see you Sunday,


13 comments to Weekly AGR Session: 25th December 2011

  • Wolfgang

    10pm Christmas Day….what better way to spend the evening. Merry FRAGmas

  • Glitchhunter96

    well i might or might not make it, it all dependes.

  • sapphired

    Looking forward for this session, last in this year.

    BTW, previous session i spent lot of time explaining some newbie person how to play AGR and other stuff, and during the session this newbie asked stupid questions pretending like he is real newbie. But as it turned up later – it was just retarded person also known as – Doc abusing on AGR popularity and his retardness and whatever trying to attract attention to his personality. All 2-3 years long he spoiled our session in very different and specific ways. Described case is a great example. There is no doubt he will not change his behavior regardless what he talk. I dont know what is it for sure – retarded person, doped but anyway if person dont understand simple words, this person should be banned. OMC convinced in it previous session.

    Now his way of spoiling our session become more and more tricky. Previous session 4 guyz from his team, were filling spectators slots in order to make something dirty to AGR side. We have a conversasion with them and they revealed their real intenion of being on AGR session. Also they flyed before my eyes as spectator’s cameras and make unseen the game play. It’s ridiculous.

    I advise OMC in order to make game alive and clean of dickheads and other forms of spoiling matches, make certain restriction for some of them. As i managed they have only complain – just abusing on something 5 years old issue with Custom TF code and politics. They behave like and idiots and children.

    Retards should be banned, they have zero interest in playing AGR – its true. Doc should be banned 1-st.

  • Wolfgang

    Lets exercise some restraint here. This is an old game with old rivalries that still occasionally flare up. Over the years of QTF there have been many bitter feuds between players and unfortunately servers. A classic example would be AGR and 4TP or even the long running CuTF and MegaTF rivalry. To be honest, the bickering and sabotaging that goes on is quite simply childish and yet even now some players insist on carrying it on.

    There should be no bans. Player numbers are already low so why reduce them further. I don’t mind playing with players like Doc, annoying as they can be, it makes it all the more satisfying when I beat them. The MegaTF contingent that populate the specs every sunday are no harm to anyone either. When you complain about cameras flying around you then your simply drawing attention to yourself and making it even more amusing to the people doing it.

    In short, who cares….lets just play!

    • sapphired

      Peace bro,
      Mostly sounds good, but
      >that goes on is quite simply childish
      Remember Rock2october crash.
      Yeah u kinda say as AGR has lack of players, let dickheads and mofos do what they want in order to make more players count. But they are 100% has no interest in playing, weekly sessions is like an arena for trolling, abusing for them and other things that raged retarded people do. Like ‘oh today is Sunday i need to troll OMC’s session, got some new troll ideas for ya’

      >Player numbers are already low so why reduce them further
      Yeah we definitely need unregistered AFK retards filling empty slots, saying weird things during the match that disturb people from playing, AGR also need trolls and attention whores, players those behave like an owners on others private property, 5 year long complaining on OMC kids from Custom TF and Mega TF, they just cry as kids and already forgotten what was the reason of their complains, also we need Mega TF ego-snipers, cause in Mega TF there is no teamplay or even TF action, its own self-plesure creature of someone’s retarded mind (just listen to default Mega TF sounds) that has nothing with TF, people just play DM on TF maps. Yeah we need people pretending of newbies and asking dumb questions during the match disturbing all players.

      It’s my personal opinion based only on 3 years gameplay.
      OMC bring a new life to Custom TF mod by adding A/D feature as main idea and managing weekly sessions and other. AGR is more popular due features, cause players decide what is better.

      So i consider those people who complains for 5 years long on something that gone away forever – to join efforts and make mod better, may be bring some features from Mega or old Custom TF. Don’t they realize that those mod already dead, and there is no sense to spread player on 3 different mods or to hack AGR server whatever. Cause those actions are acts of destruction and stupidity, better to change something by acting (positive) rather complaining.


  • sapphired

    Shoop was awersome, best shoop map we ever played on AGR. OMC, upload demo as possible

    • OneManClan

      Demos are up!
      Yes shoop was intense, and more ppl than I expected turned up for the Christmas Session! I still can’t make Bedlam12 AGR compatible .. will work on it during the week. My fav moment today was the ‘chaplain faceoff’ in bam4!

      • sapphired

        >moment today was the ‘chaplain faceoff’ in bam4!
        Maaaann u did not see the second part..i slightly dropped from my chair..after chaplains face off (red and blue team)..its was double chaplains singing, me and wolf custom for chaplain and we were singing both)) then wolf slightly explained me to change my class by priming mirv)

  • sapphired

    I mean we were in same team)

  • Doc

    upload that screenshot of me standing on top of the hohoho christmas tree sometime. i wanna see it!

  • sapphired

    Guyz if you need AGR photo session ask me)

  • Wolfgang

    Currently checking out the frozen and shoop demos. Some of this stuff would make for a great compilation of AGR videos. Some of it is simply hilarious!

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