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Weekly AGR Session: 18th December 2011

Ready to rock..

Well the year is winding up.. only a few weeks to go.. and well, I’m already starting to look back on the year that was.. and think of what might have been. The bad news is that player numbers have declined, and we haven’t had a 20+ game since Rock2ober.. The good news is that AGR still survives, and enough people show up every week to make the games worthwhile. We had to abandon a sewer1p game a few weeks ago because we only had 6 (?) people, and this is unheard of in a Weekly AGR Session for a game2. I hope it was a fluke.. Anyway, ever since those on ventrillo started being on the same team, the games have been REALLY enjoyable – there’s just no going back people  – so turn off your phones, sit up, and get ready for a blast of TF power at that Zenith of Zeitgeist called the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: You who are reading these words.

Why: Because you were born, born to be alive.

1.bedlam12 [PREMIERE](50 minutes*)
We couldn’t play this (very promising looking) map last week due to it having a  RED flag (!!?), anyway, the best minds are onto the issue and assure me that this will be ready this week. Fingers crossed!

2. 2night2 (60 minutes*)
The TOUGH one, however this will NOT be in tough map mode – unless we restart twice (?)

3. dune1(60 minutes*)
The dune is back –

4. 2fort5r(60 minutes*)
The Classic! All those on ventrillo will be an instant dream team!

We use a voice chat  ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: If you feel exhausted, rather than going spec, build a SG, go chaplain and stand near a chokepoint, or give auras – these are all low stress ways to help your team!

The original intention for the smoke screen grenade was to provide cover from sniperfire for players in outdoor areas. Of course people have found other uses for them ( hiding the flag, making the enemy hesitate, hiding grunts and SGs etc). In addition to all these, any player standing in the smoke grenade will now make snipers ‘miss’. Not always, but most of the time. Don’t get cocky though, its specially designed so that snipers can still kill you, but they’ll have to use instinct to sense where you are, rather than rely on visuals. Tip for Snipers: if you shoot in the smoke and you get told you ‘missed’, shoot again at the exact same spot, if your target hasn’t haven’t moved there’s a good chance you’ll get a hit the second time.


See you soon,



6 comments to Weekly AGR Session: 18th December 2011

  • Sapphired

    Hello solders of TF tiny world
    Omc, appreciate smoke grenade feature, make smoke grens more usefull than it was.
    Thinks over about the features of:
    1. power shield (on time 5-10 sec) on SG’s, Teslas and other stuff incl flag – very usefull against air Haze madness)
    2. make scanner consume cells
    3. Countdown for players spawn or just dark screened o time of death and bring to new life
    4. Make napalm grenade more powerfull by adding sticky feature to it and make it damagable thru walls
    5. the main feature is ‘special points’, award players for good teamplay and good tf work by adding special point and make weapons and adility upgrades active, whatever. i guess its really impossible. but let in be in your feature list)

  • haze

    i guess a bug with the new smoke grenade is this:

    i was sniper, near a smoke grenade, not in it, shooting the opposite direction of the smoke grenade, and it gave me the message that “i missed”

    my understanding was you only “miss” if you shoot into the smoke screen.

  • dan halen

    can you upload the demos from the good games?
    i want to make a youtube titled ‘oj simpson kills 5 people’ or something like that

  • OneManClan

    A weird Session, chaotic at times, but quite focussed at other times.
    Sapph: Thanks for the ideas, we’ll discuss it further, but In a properly defended game, it should be difficult for a Red to get near a Tesla, and so they deserve their chance to kill it; Airfisters carrying the flag get no ‘lift’, so whilst clearly deadly when used by a player like Haze, at least they no longer ‘fly away’ with the flag. This is why the grapple has been modified – to give D a chance to stop an escaping flag.

    Haze: I’ll have a look at the code and see if I can make it detect the actual smoke puffs, rather than just the ‘area where the grenade exploded’. The current logic is (something like): “if your target is standing within x distance of an smokescreen grenade, the sniper misses sometimes, unless its the second shot and the target hasn’t moved enough. There’s also an element of chance, sometimes you WILL get a direct hit first go, so its still worth it having a shot. The issue you describe could be because the smoke puffs everywhere, and sometimes the player is not IN the actual smoke, yet still within x distance of the original grenade. I’ll look at the demos and investigate.

    Dan: Demos are UP (and thanks to Sapphired you can view them chronologically). YES there should be a list of the ‘good games’, not sure how to do this. any ideas welcome.
    Ill make a post on the forum later in the week

    • Sapphired

      OMC, did u upload frozen demo? I cannot find any.
      last 10 minutes of bloody full def struggling, blue struggles give their lifes to defend a flag.

      I recieved 5 minutes long tf orgasmus, nice


  • dan halen

    i think 2night2 and frozen were good games

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