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Weekly AGR Session: December 4th 2011

Hey people!!!

Another week, and the quest continues – the quest for greatness, the quest for more, the quest for excellence, at that Xanadu of Xenophobia called the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Frustrated perfectionists.

Why: Because winning in AGR is never accidental.

1.north1 (60 minutes*)
A Classic, mid sized map, loved by many.

2. sewer1p (60 minutes*)
Toughmode ON, or OFF? YOU decide!

3. rock2 (60 minutes*)
I still yearn for a 32 player game for 2011..

4.  cryptic1 (50 minutes)
RR control all the way, but keep an eye on the (tricky) lift path!


We use ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: Read the News section of this site for articles, interviews and awesome info covering all things AGR

Yes, there have been technical issues, nothing serious, just time consuming stuff which needs to be fixed. [Technical note] Currently doesn’t load with EZQuake due to some models using textures which are too big. If anyone has expertise on texturing models please contact me.

Last couple of weeks the people using have kind of tried to be on the same team, and I have to say – these matches are EXCELLENT! People who are just playing as individuals, with minimum team-communication are REALLY missing out on the true beauty of AGR. Download Ventrillo, and install (it’s free dammit!)!

See you soon,



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