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Weekly AGR Session: October 9th 2011

A day of Judgement
Is slowly drawing near
A rocky day of reckoning
Of anguish and of fear

Who will the 32 be
Who on that day will show?
Who will set the det?
and who the yard will blow?

Who will grab the key
and head for the gas room?
who will flick the switch
and trigger death and doom?

I really do not know,
any more than you..
but I yearn for Rock2ober
with players 32!

Hey people!

Of COURSE I am looking forward to this weeks Session, but at the forefront of my mind is Rock2ober. The good news is that over half the slots are taken. The bad news is that nearly 1/2 the slots are still free. Quite a few people have get to book their places, so far Bruce Leeroy is the only one who could not make it – though I’m hoping he’ll surprise us all. Anyway, there’s just over 2 weeks to go… we will definitely get 24, possibly 26 – the question is – will we make 32/32!?!?! If your name is not in the list at the bottom of the Rock2ober page you need to contact me ASAP and book your place. Meanwhile, get ready for this week’s insanity at that Terminal of Torment we all know as the:


What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: TF freaks

Why: To get your Freak on!!

1. 2towers1 [PREMIERE](52 minutes*)
Ok, this map is small, clear, and there’s no mazey ‘where the f**k am I’ bits. Blue’s base has a key and a flag; I’m not sure why, but anyway, the final spiral with the flag at the top looks brutal, Red will be depending on Blues 8 second respawn delay!

2. caverns [ToughMap mode](60 minutes*)
ToughMap mode means the flag is HEAVY, so Grapplers can’t carry it, and Airfisters stay on the ground, so there will be no exiting w the flag via the side tunnel! Don’t get cocky though Blue, because I’m goin’ Red – guilt free! 🙂

3. 2tech4 (60 minutes*)
The beast returns – should be epic.

4. bam4(60 minutes)

* times may vary depending on player numbers, vibe, and quality of teamplay.

We use ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: Yes, the people does attract some people who make the game unfun. A wonderfully simple solution is the tip I gave last week – its so good, I’m repeating it: To ignore a player, type ‘users’, find the players number in the list, then type ‘ignore <player number>’. If you change your mind type ‘unignore <player number>’.

Check out the Rock2ober 2011 page. Is your name on the bottom? If not, contact me asap!

It WILL return, don’t know where, don’t know when, but.. I’ll be there!

See you all Sunday!


9 comments to Weekly AGR Session: October 9th 2011

  • Doc

    “The beast returns – should be epic.” that’s what she said.

  • ]psychopheles[

    omg. I’ll be rusted but not for rock2ober! “fragmeplz” is probably gonna be stuck on my head.

  • piper

    OMC i like you poetry, plz sign me a card)

    to avoid dickheads i guess need to make feature that dickhead cannot change his name during session or banned. for example names like momdicks_any_xxx_shit – such name are really disattracks new players and make game not serious.

    I think its possible to make

  • Doc

    says the guy who has a split personality between sapphired and piper

  • ]psychopheles[

    hate to say this. How may I register myself on the server so I don’t get removed by accident during rock2ober? 😛

  • haze

    is it more or did the game go from about 20 ppl to 10 ppl right after 70 minutes of toughmode 😛

  • piper

    OMC, lot of ppl left due map bug crashies, crashes should be reduced.

    • OneManClan

      Yea, we had 2 buggy maps – 2towers1 crashed (it tested fine), 2tech4 crashed (we’ve played before w no probs..). Caverns and was good but I wasted too much time chapping, and too few Reds stuck around for the benefit – weird to see then running off. Cant wait to see the demo.

  • OneManClan

    demos are UP! (well the caverns on anyway). I didn’t think the other were worth recording. If you disagree, I’ll email you the other demos, but I don’t want to fill pipers ftp server w less than brilliant games.

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