Gurus Breaking Maps

Hi all.

Here’s this week’s pre Session chat:


Ok, ‘Gurus Breaking Maps’ is a little dramatic, but some maps are too easily broken w the current AGR ‘toolset’, and the skill level (and deviousness) of certain Guru Level players! As I said in the chat, I watched a demo of The|Navigator getting around the latest version of me_lighttest (the ‘skyscraper’ map) and it was just *ridiculous*. Gymnast + Rocket Jumping + less than 150 armour (ie BH enabled!) = *insane* movement. [note to self: why not make a vid showing this rather than talking about it, OMC? No wonder AGRMania vids aren’t [edit: *currently*!!] watched by millions ..ok ok *thousands*.. (hundreds?). Anyway, something has to be done. I made a version of Skyscraper with hurt brushes (ie blocking off areas of a map with invisible walls which hurt you), but it seems.. contrived.. unnatural.. Ideas welcome. Maybe turn tough_map mode on by default? Things have seemed really hard lately for Blue, and Reds can be .. merciless.. Ideally, the Gurus themselves should tell me how they think things could be nerfed so that A: it’s still a challenge for them, and B: they dont feel punished. I want you to be happy people, so help me help you! [I’ll make a forum post tomorrow, it’s 3:19am, I need sleep, and the AGR Session starts in 6.something hours]

As many of you know, I’ve been thinking of phasing out the ‘adonis_paradise’ yahoo account (to send emails to the AGR Mailing List), at the end of this year. Starting 2020, AGR related emails will come from ‘OneManClan’,  via the domain of this very website*, which makes sense. I’m not sure if there should be an interrim period where I’m sending emails from *both* accounts, or just have a ‘conversion day’, send a final email from the yahoo account telling people to ‘clear’ the attackersgored. one. I’m also not sure what the subject should be. There’s been so much spam, we’ve all become desensitised to emails with subjects like “IMPORTANT PLEASE READ”.. Anyway, the people who read my emails will keep on reading then, and those who don’t, won’t. Also.. I wonder if I should do a ‘purge’. ie email people telling them to ‘please hit reply’ to verify that they *are* reading their emails… ie even if they actually get around to reading them months (years?) later. Maybe I’ll do it as part of a player survey, something I’ve been thinking of for a while, just to get some data on what players like/ don’t like, what keeps people coming back every week, and also.. why players didn’t play in Rock2ober 2019.

* I’m avoiding ‘spelling out the complete email address’ to ‘fool’ SPAM bots

If you love 2fort5r, HERE’S your chance to play in our annual BIG 2fort5r game, and LOOK OUT, because it’s coming up in a few weeks! The event, inspired by (ok, ok, a ‘ripoff of’, happy?) Rock2ober, will be a 2-3 hour MASSIVE, MARATHON game, and… I can’t wait. .. The question is.. *when*? I’m thinkin, people will be busy/on holiday on December 22nd, so .. Sunday 15th? or the 29th? You know, a POLL would be a perfect use for the AGR Forum.


Meanwhile, see you at this week’s:

What: Weekend AGR Session


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: Players who want TF to go boldly where no TF has gone before

Why: Because it’s the bold thing to do.

MAP SCHEDULE: Something bold.  Defenders Choice! (we haven’t done sewer1j for a while)

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