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Hi all.

Hope you’ve all recovered from the MARATHON BLOODBATH that was Rock2ober 2018!! (My arse is still sore from defending in Game 1)

This week, were back in business at the Weekend AGR Sessions, so get ready for 3-4 gruelling Sessions of multiplayer agony and ecstasy AGR style. No vid this week, just some quick bits of pre-Session info. First up:

It’s daylight savings time (!!!), so the Weekend AGR Sessions might start an hour earlier for players in the Northen Hemisphere (eg USA, Europe etc) , or later for those south of the equator (Australia, NZ etc) Eg for me (Australia), they were 9am, for the next six months they start at 10am. Yes, the Earth really *is* a sphere. Remember, the Weekend AGR Sessions are ALWAYS held at 23:00 GMT/UTC. Confused? You don’t have to be, just click on this link, and find out EXACTLY what time 23:00GMT is for YOU.

Ok, I’ll admit it, the Server was a bit … weird today (Saturday 3rd)… strange and unpredictble ‘features’.. why? Well there’s a whole bunch of 99% finished ‘works in progress’ about to be implemented, and some had to be reverted for Rock2ober, and .. others, while tantalisingly ‘appear’ finished … still need testing.. and with code, even one sloppy line can make a surprisingly BIG (and unexpected) difference so… let’s just say it’s been ‘fiddly’. (I still have NO idea why those unexploded grens just stayed there, and piled up during today’s North1 prematch!). Thanks for your patience, and as always, if an ‘undocumented feature’ causes too much havoc, I can always revert – admittedly to the disappointment of some scumbags. Also, while we’re at it:

Most people know to regularly update their FTE to the latest version. Usually you don’t have to, but you should. This time however you should because .. well.. you might have to. There’s a major update to AGR on the way ( hopefully in time for 2fortember!), and there’s some breakthroughs in what FTE can do, and as a result, older FTE’s *might* have trouble connecting. If you do, click here to download the latest client.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to stop using the adonis_paradise yahoo account for the AGR Mailing List, and start using something from the attackersgored domain. Why change something that ain’t broken?  Well:

  1. Asking new players to correspond with me via a yahoo account comes across as, at best ‘unprofessional’, at worst  – ‘scammy/suspicious’.
  2. I have the domain & mail services – use it for the Mailing List!
  3. With my attackersgored mail program, I can post to ALL on the list in one go, yahoo mail forces me to send them in batches of 50.
  4. It just makes sense. Why confuse the newbies? Who is adonis paradise anyway?

So, at some point soon, posts to the AGR Mailing List will come from a different email address, so ppl might have to change your filters etc.  Anyway just letting everyone know in advance.

Meanwhile … see you at this week’s:

What: Weekly AGR Sessions


When: Every Saturday & Sunday 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: You

Why: To worship (sacrifice?) at the altar of TF

MAP SCHEDULE: 2brave1 (if we get the numbers)

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