Premiere: The Fire Supressor!

This week, we have the premiere of the Fire Supressor! This is currently available as an upgrade for the dispenser. What does it do?

GOOD NEWS: The enemy cannot fire their weapons within x distance of the dispenser! (300 Quake Units to be exact). Melee and Grenades still work, but any mechanical weapon = click, click, click!

BAD NEWS: It takes 60 seconds to hack (30 seconds on top of the existing 30 seconds). Also, dispensers are pretty easy to kill, a couple of grenades should do it.. otoh you have to get into position to throw those grenades… and there might be a SG there, which you cant shoot at.. because of the Fire Supressor!! Let the madness begin!

[Jonan suggests ” Should it be a separate item?”] Hmm..

Slowly implementing this as a wip, currently only works for the disp. The longer the distance, the longer the hack. What do you think?

Spanner an enemy dispenser, and it stops working for 60 seconds! [Note to self: Needs some kind of visual effect]

Let me know what you think, as you battle the enemy at the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Real Macho Men.

Why: Because you are one… aren’t you??


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