The Cappoint Sprite

“Where is the flag!!!??” The eternal question of TF. This was solved in the AGR world via the AGR Flag Sprite, but that leaves us with the other eternal question:  ‘Where do I cap!?’ Who would shame the sacred AGR gameplay with such a question??

  1. Senile Old Skool Gurus who have forgotten
  2. New Players who have never known
  3. Everyone who is playing a new map (yes AGR regularly has new, sometimes never-before-played’ maps)

Here’s my latest weekly rant:


FLAG DROP BUG (part 2) .. FIXED?:
Today’s Session (Saturday 10th March) did NOT feature the bug, so.. either I ‘accidentally fixed it’ (I was editing the tough map code during the week), or.. it’s map dependant, player behaviour dependant, or X factor dependant. I watched the 2fort5r demo from last week, and couldn’t see a reason for the drop .. I’ll put some information prints so if the same happens again, hopefully we’ll have a better idea of wtf is going on.


What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Those who want to “make TF great again”!

Why: Because “yes we can”.

MAP SCHEDULE: bedlam12, caverns, dune1

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