Save your Custom Class!

Hi all!

Yes I know, I know.. I haven’t posted here for over two months! Somehow over the holidays I missed a week, then a second week, then I made one I didn’t think was ‘good enough’, then I wondered if it made a difference, then I felt bad because it had been so long and I was out of practice etc etc. Anyway, hopefully I’ll earn your forgiveness by delivering the as promised weekly email/chat/video. Mean while I *have* been very busy w quite a few new and exciting developments, one of which I can present to you NOW!:

Finally, after years in the making, you can SAVE YOUR CUSTOM CLASS!!!!!!!

Spanners open doors (ok KOP?)
Legs (slowly) heal after Sniper Damage (ok, Jonan?)

This is a weird one, still being investigated. It’s a tricky one because no-one can seem to replicate it on cue. I *think* if has something to do w toughmap mode, and ‘Red Player cant touch the flag twice in a row’ code. It *might* (maybe) have something to do w the grapple, because The|Navigator said that he dropped the flag when someone grappled him. In any case, I haven’t changed toughmap code OR grapple code for over a year(?), so I’m not sure what’s causing this now.  Anyway, I’m gonna organise a test session during the week so we can get to the bottom of this.


What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Those who seek the ultimate TF experience

Why: Because ye has sought, and ye has found.

MAP SCHEDULE: Sewer1p + ??

3 comments to Save your Custom Class!

  • Pulseczar

    I know that was a pain to get class saving working. I added the ability for the custom menu to remember your previous selections, on my server, which has been down for about a year. It will also auto-select things from the custom menu, when going from a stock class to custom, allowing you to see exactly what stock classes have, and then modify the stock class. That was pretty challenging to get working right, and if I recall correctly, there are still some smaller bugs in the functionality on mine.

    It’s nice that you have made it easy to switch back and forth between custom class saves. It doesn’t sound like your class saves are persistent, though, remaining for the player to use every time they come to your server. You could just save their selections to a file, and have those selections tied to their account, since your server has accounts. On mine, since it has no accounts, and I don’t see a need for an account system, I would just tie class saves to name or IP. Or, you could just make all class saves publicly accessible to all. Just let the players name them, and then load whichever one they want. Your account system makes it easy, though. I would just tie class saves to accounts.

    I’m glad to see people still working on and interested in the game. I hope to some day be able to get back into it, myself.

    • OneManClan

      Hi Pulse!
      Your system sounds more comprehensive, My system is much simpler. … registered players have one ‘save slot’, which you can load, or overwrite at any time. Saves persist between maps, and even server restarts, because as you guessed, they are written to file.

      re:Pulse getting back into playing, well hopefully ‘one day’, will be soon, maybe even.. this weekend, @ 23:00 GMT!

  • Jonan

    Some public saved classes would be nice.

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