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Barriers to Entry (Surviving in the Quake World 2)



What: Weekly AGR Sessions


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: You man, you.

Why: To live dammit, live!

MAP SCHEDULE = hopefully, TF2k, 2night2 .. if we get enough players


Newbies: please log on to the server BEFORE the Session begins to confirm your registration, and to make sure there are no  technical issues. If it says “you are NOT registered”, email me.

[NOTE:  Ventrillo has now been phased out. Here’s a link on how to use AGR Voice2Demo]

6 comments to Barriers to Entry (Surviving in the Quake World 2)

  • Beltan

    1: “The Look”- how people percieve the game via graphics. A unique atmosophere visually (and audibly!)

    2: Balance- Fine tuning items to make sure all features are competitive.

    3: Clarity of Effects- Making all features’ effects easily understood, so that new players are able to more quickly learn what features do without having to get slaughtered through trial-and-error.

    Great video, OMC. Yaaay, I’m famous! lol

  • Hi OMC

    Hi AGR fans

    Well 1st idea I get while listening the video is you have potential with Net Quake community / players which I am from… the transition was easy and the feel is very compatible.

    I think the “newbie” is not enough helped at the start… he really must be taken by the hand and people helping should be VERY patient. That’s why I think OMC will accept talking with us about having a 3rd AGR ‘Newbie” Session one a week in a near future… also we should have a real “structure” (methodology) for them but OMC got a very clear idea about it… last thing but one of the most important is to “welcome” people who wants to be part of this mission… ONE man can try MANY should make is easier… voilà.

    Bringing myself many new people at AGR this is what, and only what, I can kind of complain.

    The game is brilliant, the people are enjoying 100% (+/-) the mod, the possibilities (strategies, tactics, etc.) are endless…

    Last note is having a regular bunch of players (12+) might take time… this is 2-4-6 months to me but it worth it plenty.

    Chapeau to OMC for is commitment to allow us enjoy this very unique and, almost, last game of its genre.

    Mark aka Fan_Q1


    Hombre (spanish) = Man
    Mec (French) = Man

    • Beltan

      Actually, this is a brilliant idea. Like myself, I’m sure OMC never gets tired of talking about his favorite game 🙂 and a video each week can address just a couple of points to help new players out, and pretty soon there would be a whole series for those interested in getting some tips (Maybe from the professor, rofl).

      1: Picking teams and how to customize.
      A rundown for beginners on getting started once they are in-game, and how to recustomize.

      2: A build befitting your team and style.
      Make sure your build lends itself to the goal- offense or defense- and some archetypes (Fighter, Engy, Speedster, Grapplemonkey, TankChap, Spyspammer, Trapper, etc)

      3: Common counters.
      Defusing detpacks, revealing spies, Toasting Sentries and Summons, Stopping Speedsters, etc.

      4: Tactical Location Awareness.
      Identifying important places in maps, and recognizing the best places to breach and to defend (Chokepoints 101).

      5: A rundown of every. single. item.
      What the title says. Probably a 4-part series, lol.

  • Beltan

    I just wanted to post to say I had a lot of fun with you guys the other night (saturday).

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