Rock2ober 2018

PRESS RELEASE 1 (factual but a little dry):
Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans,
MASSIVE TF Game this Saturday 27th of October 2018, at 23:00 GMT/UTC.
Rock2ober is an annual attempt to get a FULL 32 player Quakeworld TF game, just like days of yore.  The mod is ‘Attackers Go Red’ (AGR), which means ALL reds attack, and all Blues defend, creating an especially intense, action packed gaming experience, as all 16 Blues fight all 16 Reds. There is no Red Flag. There will be pre-match entertainment, and other once a year surprises for those who arrive a 23:00GMT sharp. More Info:
See you there!!
PRESS RELEASE 2 (entertaining, but a little over the top):
Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans,
Rock2ober 2018 is here! Yes, the Behemoth is Back. Behold, as the biggest and baddest blokes of TF build, bash, and brazenly blast their way through brave battlers and bloated bozos alike, in a bona fide brutal TF battle. Yes, Rock2ober is BACK! This is the tenth anniversary (!) of the Rock2ober event, the annual get together where ALL TF players come together, Gurus and newbies, and attempt to fill a Quakeworld server w 32 players like days of yore, play the most intense game possible, using the ruthless clan match simulator known as Attackers Go Red. Sixteen Attackers vs Sixteen Defenders! Some say AGR is a twisted abomination of a mod. I understand. But even if you’re not a AGR fan, have never played at the Weekend AGR Session, and never will, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the truly unique Rock2ober experience. [See the videos at the Rock2ober FAQ to see what you missed out on in previous years!] Meanwhile, tell your wife and kids and mistress you’ll be busy this Saturday.

What: Rock2ober 2018


When: 23:00 GMT, Saturday 27th October 2018. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the pre-match entertainment!

Who: TF fans, CTF fans, CustomTF Fans, MegaTF fans, Thunderwalker fans, any fan of multiplayer madness.

 Why:  Seriously?

1. rock2 (65 minutes)

2. intermission (10 minutes)

2. rock2 (65 minutes) SPAMADELLICA MODE (Team damage off, mirror damage off)


Men and women of the Q1 TF world,

Rock2ober 2018 is upon us! If you’re new here, and have never heard of Rock2ober – stop reading,  check out the Rock2ober FAQ, and watch the videos from last years Rock2ober 2015 Movie (part 1), and it’s spectacular prequel, Rock2ober 2014 Movie (Part 2). Ok, back?

Once again, the entire AGR playerbase all gathers at the same time, in the same place, to battle it out at the worlds biggest Q1 Team Fortress event. Whether you’re a devoted AGR Maniac, a dabbler, or if you just love your Team Fortress anyway you can get it, this is your chance to make history, and experience Rock2ober in all its Gory Glory:

32 players!

120 minutes!

16 vs 16!





The Weekly AGR Sessions have going for 10 YEARS STRAIGHT. Rock2ober 2018 will probably be a 20+ player game, but … will get crack 32?  Is it possible? To make this happen, I’m once again reaching out to the wider world of TF players. Maybe you who are reading this prefer Vanilla TF, Classic CustomTF, MegaTF, CTF, or TWCTF, but for an event this big, I know  all TF players, of ALL genres will want to be there. Yea, yea, AGR is ‘different’ but hey, the core idea is ‘Blue defends flag’ / ‘Red captures flag’, so anyone who has ever played Team Fortress will be up to speed in no time. So, don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to play in a 32 player game in 2016, ok? YOU can help make this happen by spreading the word about Rock2ober 2018 to EVERY Quake player you know, current and retired. First. tell them to warm up by watching the promos for Rock2ober 2010, and Rock2ober 2011. Awesome stuff, and once their blood starts pumping, tell ’em to sit right down, and feast on the blockbuster Rock2ober 2015 Movie part1, and its Sequel: Rock2ober 2014 Movie Part 2!!

Traditionally, we’ve used ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. These days however, AGR has built in voip, so use it.

Demos will be available for download, check the comments section below (those Registered get on the AGR Mailing List and get an email notification), and the AGRMania youtube channel for details to follow.

OMC’s tip: Spread the word about Rock2ober!!!

There will be a number of downloads, so connect to the server early!

The pipers will be there, AND MORE!! Get in early!!

Since Rock2ober will be held a week later than has been the case in years gone by, I believe daylight savings will not be an issue, I think that some changes are happening this week in Europe, anyway please check the link above.

In the chance we DO get 32 players(!), it *probably* won’t stay at 32 for long, so just reconnect.

“Ok, but I don’t have Quake anymore, and don’t know / remember where to get the client!”. Go here.

“I’m not really an AGR player” and/or  “It’s been so long, I dont remember how to play!”. Go here.

“Ok, but I’m married, and my wife doesn’t approve of me playing computer games.” Go here.

Let’s make this happen people. If you love Quake1 team fortress, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed games which leave you utterly exhausted, and ecstatic and exhilarated, keep October 27th 23:00GMT free!
Looking forward to seeing you there,





After a many months of no emails to the AGR Mailing List,  AGRMANIA caught up with Mr AGR, and TF’s premiere heartthrob, OneManClan, for an exclusive chat!

AGRMANIA: OneManClan, where have you been?
OMC: I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve been here, at the Sessions every week.

AGRMANIA: Yes, but you stopped sending people weekly pre-match emails, why?
OMC: Well, I made a bunch of videos, but wasn’t happy with them, some were too long, others sounded too ‘low key’, others were too um, well they had too many tangents, I said ‘um’ a few too many time, like um.. I did just now, talking too fast etc etc.. Anyway I wasn’t particularly happy with them, but then, I don’t know if I’m being too picky.

AGRMANIA: Well, noones perfect, so why not just upload them as is?
OMC: Well, I *have* uploaded them, so I suppose I can just make them ALL public, and people can decide if they want to listen to me ramble on about this and that ‘warts and all’  for 20 minutes or more.

AGRMANIA: Maybe AGR fans will find it entertaining, we’re talking about an obsessed, niche audience here.
OMC: True, but at the same time I don’t want to turn off new players who don’t know who I am or wtf this niche of niche games is that I’m talking about. You know what, f**kit, lets do it – here’s a recent video about AGR bugs, and then you can join OMC for a Drive and a Chat

AGRMANIA: Ok so why have you finally reached out the the Mailing List now?
OMC: Because Rock2ober 2018 is upon us! So, there’s no time to dawdle, and the message has to get out asap.

AGRMANIA: How many people do you expect to come?
OMC: Well, I expect all the STARS of the TF world to be there, and as always, many retirees will heed the call, and come out of retirement for this one special day a year.

AGRMANIA: Are you psyched? What does it feel like knowing Rock2ober is less than a month away?
OMC: Well, although I said in the vid that ‘it hasn’t sunk in yet’, during the course of the 5 min vid, my heart started beating faster, as it is right now during this interview, as I realise that this is IT – Rock2ober. Yes yes we have some amazing action at the Weekly AGR Sessions, and yes the gameplay is often absolutely amazing w smaller numbers of players. BUT… NOTHING matches the sheer adrenaline of a Rock2ober event. It really is the Superbowl of the TF world, or the ‘Grand Final’ as we call Aussie Rules football in Australia.

AGRMANIA: What about those new to the world of AGR, and  don’t know what Rock2ober is?
OMC: They should read the FAQ.

AGRMANIA: Are you going to make a special appeal to attract new players?
OMC: Well, Rock2ober is a good place as any for new players to try it, though they really should play at one of the Weekly AGR Sessions first, so they have a clue as to what is going on. I will be putting an effort to contact all the players who might be interested. I also ask anyone reading this to please think hard, and try to think of someone you know who might be interested in playing, and let them know. Although I don’t expect we’ll get 32 players, I’m sure everyone would LOVE IT, so.. make an effort please everyone. I might make a special vid targeting newbies, introducing the whole thing.

AGRMANIA: Shouldn’t you have done that already?
OMC: Ok, ok, yes yes, I should have, ok? Anyway, move on.

AGRMANIA: Ok, the timeslot. What about those who can’t make it on the 27th October 2018 at 23:00 GMT?
OMC: They should email me, or leave a comment below, and if enough ppl cant make it, I’ll change the date, time, or both.

AGRMANIA: You’ve been busy with new features, I’ve seen your AGR DEV videos on youtube, will the new features be included on the day?
OMC: Yes, all the new features, and I’ll be premiering a whole bunch more in the next few weeks.

AGRMANIA: But wont they be buggy/ need testing?
OMC: Well, some have already been tested at the Weekly AGR Sesions, so now its just a matter of fine tuning. A few months back I included ‘follow you anywhere bot’ in the game, and it has been working 95% fine. There’s one thing that’s a super surprise, which I haven’t decided whether to include it in Rock2ober, mainly because the ‘irregular’ players might freak out!

AGRMANIA: Come on, can’t you give our readers a little hint
OMC: Ok.. it’s a .. new way of moving..

AGRMANIA: What about The Monster Breeding mod?
OMC: That’s on hold at the moment while I sort out some existing bugs . Small things, but I want to tick some things off my to-do list.

AGRMANIA: What does the list look like?
OMC: Well, here’s the AGR BUG list for those interested.

AGRMANIA: Are you gonna fix all those in the next month?
OMC: Hopefully. Some have already been fixed. These aren’t things that affect gameplay, just things that might distract from the perfection of the AGR experience

AGRMANIA: What are you looking forward to the most in this year’s Rock2ober?
OMC: Well, the pre-match entertainment, seeing returning player’s reactions to  the new features, the intensity of the gameplay.. everything really. The main thing of course is the players, a big ‘hi’ to all who are reading this, and I look forward to seeing everyone there!

AGRMANIA: What happened to Part 2 of the Rock2ober 2015 video?
OMC: To be honest, I don’t remember exactly. It was a while ago now. If I recall correctly, there were technical issues, which although they *did* get solved, the whole process was very draining, and to be honest, the viewer count didn’t even hit 1000, and I honestly expected it to be bigger.

AGRMANIA: So the low view count put you off? 
OMC: Well, let me check [OMC checks Rock2ober 2015], it’s 396 views, so it didn’t even crack 400, so yes, it did take the urgency out of making the followup. It surprised me because most who saw it agreed it was superior to the first two [ED:  Rock2ober 2014 pt1 and Rock2ober 2014 pt2], on the other hand it didn’t have the raw novelty factor.

AGRMANIA: Some say you didn’t advertise it properly.
OMC: In hindsight yes. Maybe I just assumed that anyone interested was already on the AGR Mailing list, and that all I’d have to do is upload it, send an email , and everyone who cared would find out, watch it, and spread the word. But I was wrong, and now I understand why for example HUGE bands like KISS or AC/DC *still* have to invest in advertising, in ‘spreading the word’ to those who are NOT super fans,  because that’s the pool from which future fans are found. And no doubt, there are people out there who are tired of TF2, and fortnite who are looking for something different, better, the ‘next level’, and I believe AGR is all those things.

AGRMANIA: So will there be another movie?
OMC: Yes. I did enjoy making it, and the 400 who *did* watch it, let’s say 10% LOVED it, so yes, that’s 40 people, and that’s a good sized room, so if it were a private screening it would be a good turnout. In any case, now that many of the technical issues have been solved, the next movie will be much easier. By the way, a fun fact, did you know that the opening and closing credits took longer to do than the entire rest of the video?

AGRMANIA: Wow. Whats the status of AGR in 2018? Getting bigger or smaller?
OMC: Neither really. The bad news is that we don’t get close to 32 players. The good news is that the gameplay has been absolutely astounding. There’s this manic, relentless, I don’t know if I’d use the word ‘aggression’, I don’t know, but it’s as if players are reaching deep into themselves to do everything they can to win, and because everyone is always looking for something that will give them an edge, they experiment with new techniques, and then those techniques have to be countered, and its all so chaotic, I love it.

AGRMANIA: What do you say to the critics, those who will refuse to play on the day?
OMC: Nothing. There’s all sorts of mental illnesses that can strike people at any age, so there but for the grace of God go we.

AGRMANIA: How do you manage to STILL be so damn looking after all this time?
OMC: It’s truly a mystery. My hair is thinning, I’m a little greyer, and yet the chicks just won’t back off.

AGRMANIA: Do you think Sgt Thundercok [ed: maker of rock2] will be there?
OMC: I hope so. I will be reaching out to him, and remind him that a Rock2ober event simply cannot be 100% perfect without his presence.

AGRMANIA: Finally, what do you say to the old skool players, guys who haven’t played for years, whose skills have declined,  and are ashamed to participate as a sad shell of their former selves?
OMC: Well, what I say to them is – relax, no-one really cares. The Rock2ober commentators are always very fair , and make concessions for the ‘senior’ players. ‘Wily old veterans’ is the phrase used by Johnny Johnson, so there’s a lot of respect there for the washed up has-beens 🙂  In any case, the best place to get your skills up to scratch is to practice .. so get off your arses, walk to the computer and er.. sit right back down on your arses, and get ready for your much overdue workout, at today’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. note: Arrive early so as to not miss out on the action!

Who: TF Stars in the making.

Why: Because you are one… aren’t you??


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